Stylish in H&M with a touch de l’Afrique at AFWA 2014

AFWA outfit

The first edition of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is a fact. Like you can read in my previous post “Africa Fashion Week is taking Amsterdam“, I attended the fashion shows, held in World Fashion Centre (WFC), to volunteer on day 1 and visited as press on day 2. From both days there are cover stories available in the posts about Preparation and Backstage, AFWA day 1 and AFWA day 2. While on day 1 I had my work outfit on, which was a simple black suit and a white blouse, on day 2 it was time to shine again. 

As a guest on day 2 of this event I wanted to visit as my stylish self and didn’t felt the need to put on an African ensemble perse. Well, mainly because I don’t have one and I wasn’t planning on going on a search specifically for this event. Of course it was very nice to see most ladies and some gentleman in their African wear when I worked on the first day. Still I wanted my look to suit me and my style, yet with a wink to African fashion. That’s why I choose one of my favorite fashion items, a black dress, and added an African touch to it. Tied a headscarf with some bold print, added a few beaded necklaces to match the headscarf, and a pair of earrings that is part of the set of one of the necklaces. Combined that with my favorite bracelet I got in Suriname last year, and put on my Jane Norman printed pumps. To give the look also a sexy touch, I went for my black corset bag. Stylish avec un touch de l’Afrique. Voila!

AFWA look (6)

AFWA look (10)

AFWA look (12)

AFWA outfit1

AFWA look (14)

AFWA look (15)

AFWA look (16)

AFWA outfit2

A closer look at the details:

AFWA look (21)

AFWA outfit3

My outfit

Dress: H&M

Printed Pumps: Jane Norman

Headscarf (no label)

Corset Bag (no label)

Sunglasses (no label)

Necklaces (no label)

Necklace and earrings set: handmade gift

Bracelet (from an unknown Surinamese accessories designer)

Lipstick: Guerlain Rouge


Curious about what visitors wore to Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam? Stay tuned for the next post about these fashionista outfits.


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