Fashionistas at AFWA 2014

AFWA Fashionistas

Where there’s fashion week, there are the fashionistas. All dressed up and ready to go. At the first edition of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam, held last month at the World Fashion Centre (WFC), it was not any different. Since it was all about African fashion you can imagine that most of these fashionistas pulled out their African ensembles to show off at the event and pose in front of the wall of fame. Of course I couldn’t resist getting these fabulous African inspired outfits on camera and took some snap shots of my favourite ones spotted on day 1 and day to of AFWA 2014.

Young and older fashion freaks came out fully dolled up and I enjoyed seeing all the creativity put into their look. Amongst some of these gorgeous looking ladies there are also a few who are running their own fashion blog, which I of course connected with to keep in touch after. Here are the photo’s.

Day 1 of AFWA 2014

AFWA Fashionistas 1 AFWA Fashionistas 2 AFWA Fashionistas 3 AFWA Fashionistas 4

Day 2 of AFWA 2014

AFWA Fashionistas 5 AFWA Fashionistas 6

Me posing with some of these fashionistas who all went maxi for the event, where you can see the older ladies put on their African attire, while the young lady kept it simple in plain black:

AFWA Fashionistas 7

For details on my own outfit see my previous AFWA outfit post. The full gallery of Fashionistas at AFWA 2014 can be viewed on the XX Fashion Diva Facebook page. Don’t forget to hit the like button.


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