Monday Inspiration: Do something totally different

We all have those moments where we ask ourselves if what we are doing is fulfilling enough and if we like it as much as we tell ourselves. Most of the time it can be work and career related, but also private. That’s why you sometimes need to take a step back from your daily routine and test the waters. Today I have a personal quote … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Do something totally different

Anniversary, 11 years a vegetarian


Today is exactly 11 years ago I started my vegetarian lifestyle. It was an idea I had going on in my head for a long time before actually doing it. When I decided that I was really going to do it, I wanted it to be on a day that I could also remember and that’s why I choose September 1. Because on this day I also started my study Nutrition and Dietetics and figured it would be a great way to start a new lifestyle altogether. Fresh out of high school, new into college and a new healthy way of eating. Not that eating meat is not healthy, I just prefer a vegetable diet and I never was a big fan of meat and fish to begin with. That made it easier for me to step into my new lifestyle. Continue reading “Anniversary, 11 years a vegetarian”