New look for Blogazine XX Fashion Diva

fashion diva mini logoAfter 6 months, a decent amount of exposure, and a group of loyal followers it’s time to turn things up a little on XX Fashion Diva. This means a new look and a better navigation system to find what you’re looking for on the site. XX Fashion Diva is created with the intention to be a platform for the everyday fashionista like myself who loves everything about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but loves a little luxury as well and isn’t afraid to fork up some cash to get it. Its purpose is to be a Blog and Magazine in one, which makes it a Blogazine (such a cute word), where you can find things written from a personal perspective as well as a more general point of view with tips and advice. A Blogazine for the everyday sophisticated fashionista.

What is different

On XX Fashion Diva there is now a difference between the personal articles (more personal blog like) and the general articles (more online magazine like), although these two may sometimes cross paths. The personal articles/ posts can be found in the second menu row next to About Me and are categorised in My Fashion, My Beauty, My Lifestyle and My Stories, which each have their own sub-categories in the dropdown. Articles in these categories are written from my personal perspective and contain my personal opinions, likes and dislikes. In these articles you learn more about the person behind this blog: me Induella and my fashion and lifestyle. Meanwhile the general articles are written for the target group: females, head target group females from 21 – 40 years, with a specific muse in the back of my mind: myself. These articles are in the top menu row and filed under the categories Be Fashionable, Be Beautiful, Lifestyle, Girlstuff and Videos, with sub-categories in the dropdown.

Being my own muse

Having myself as my own muse makes it easier for me to come up with the articles, because I post things that I am interested in and would love to read and learn more about if I wasn’t me, if you catch my drift. Things that I know women my age would like to see and read. So therefore I know that there are plenty of women out there who are happy with the information and articles I provide to them. You know what they say: stats don’t lie. Read more about the why of XX Fashion Diva on my Welcome page.

Catering to the men

While the main target group for XX Fashion Diva is females, there are also enough men who follow and read my blog, so in a way I would love to cater to them every ones in a while. As a female myself it is easy to come up with things that I would love to read but how do I make sure that men like my articles as well. This will mainly be by the categories Lifestyle and Videos. Lifestyle is more unisex and not specifically written for women. Diet, Inspiration, Events and Travel are subjects that appeal to both men and women and I guess most men would get their reading on there. In the Video section I post YouTube videos that can also be interesting for males to watch. To my male readers I would like to say: just look around.

Temporary Look

The look of XX Fashion Diva right now is temporary for the next months as I am planning to upgrade it bit by bit and appeal more and more to my target group in the future. One step at a time. For now this is what the Blogazine will be like and hopefully you all will enjoy reading the articles, watching the photos and videos and learn something while being entertained as well. After all it is first and foremost about content and that’s where my focus will be on. Don’t be shy to comment or contact me anytime you want. Feel free. That’s what I am here for.

Enjoy the Blogazine!


fashion diva mini logo

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