Monday Inspiration: Always stay gracious

The inspiration for today comes from none other than the Queen Bey herself. All the Beyoncé fans out there have already seen the music video of her new single Formation, where she makes great political statements, but also takes on back lash and haters. In life we all gonna deal with haters, but the best thing is to rise above it all and keep going. Remember that teacher who said you’re not gonna make it far in this lifetime or that recruiter who told you that you’re just not suited for that role? Let’s follow that advice from Bey. Continue reading “Monday Inspiration: Always stay gracious”

Monday Inspiration: Live your own life

In this day and age we not only live in a material world, but also in a digital culture where it is all about the internet and social media. Besides that, everybody who is anybody is trying to be on the reality show bandwagon. While it is nice to look for inspiration online, follow you’re favourite celebrities, idols or even friends and family, you gotta remember what’s … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Live your own life

Monday Inspiration: Start doing what’s necessary

The inspiration for this week goes out to especially all the people who want to become an entrepreneur and are paving their way through the business world. As an entrepreneur myself, I often surf the net looking for inspiring words.  That’s why today I have a quote for you from Francis of Assisi found on Brainy Quote. Quote of the week: Start by doing what’s … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Start doing what’s necessary

Monday Inspiration: Do it!

You know when you have those moments when you think of trying something new, like taking a course, giving a workshop, getting a new job, making a career switch or even start your own business.. but then you suddenly find all these reasons/excuses not to do so?! We all tend to have this thing where we start over thinking on our new endeavours because of several reasons and … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Do it!

Monday Inspiration: We should be inspired by..

After skipping a week due to the busy holiday period, I’m back with some inspiration this Monday. For the last Monday Inspiration post of 2014 I wanted to end with a nice quote by Rachel Corrie of what we all should be inspired by in general. Read and learn. Quote of the week: We should be inspired by people… who show that human beings can be kind, … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: We should be inspired by..

Monday Inspiration: Don’t worry about others

Many people like to look at what other people are doing instead of looking at themselves. Looking and worry about others is a distraction from doing what you want to and therefore should do. Especially when you want to start something for yourself it can bring up unnecessary insecurities. The quote for this week is one that we all know and use, but still is … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Don’t worry about others