Fashion is

Dear reader/ fashionista,

Welcome to XX Fashion Diva. How nice of you to stop by. On this blog I mostly write about fashion. Why? Because fashion is my passion.

XX Fashion Diva is not just another fashion blog where you only read about the latest fashion trends or celebrities and their style. You won’t find tons of pictures of myself in different outfits here and there. No. I created this blog because I actually wanted to say something, write about my vision, share things I am interested in, things that you would wanna know and have my own voice. I write about fashion for the everyday sophisticated fashionista like myself. With tips and tricks. The content of XX Fashion Diva is educational, entertaining, identifiable and timeless.

Besides fashion you will also find posts about beauty and lifestyle. You can’t talk about fashion without saying a thing or two about beauty. And hey..fashion is a lifestyle!

Without further ado I give you XX Fashion Diva. From me to you.


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March 14th 2014

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