My simple Birthday looks – NYE & Birthday Party

As you can read in my previous post it was my birthday last month on October 10. It was a small gathering with family and it was one of the best at home birthday parties I had in years. For my birthday look I kept it simple, but classy wearing a two peace outfit in a colour palette perfectly suitable for this Fall season.

The outfit I actually got during the hot summer days back in August, with the idea to wear it to a birthday party one day. Little did I know I would end up wearing it at my own. At first I wanted to wear a gorgeous new dress, like I´ve done for the past two years, but somehow I just didn´t got myself to look for one. Like you know, everything happens for a reason. The day before my birthday I took a look insde my closet to see if there were any new clothes inside before I went out to buy a new dress and voilà.. my eyes fell on the clothing items I got during my little shopping spree this past Summer. For a moment there I forgot about that perfect summer score. So, as I looked at the items I opted for my short black skirt for my personal New Year´s Eve Celebration and choose the two peace outfit for my Birthday Party.

On my personal New Year I like to wear something old and someting new. That has been my personal tradition for years whenever I choose to celebrate my NYE. On my Birthday I always wear a total new look. Since I was home I sported my new sparkly black flip flops on both occasions. Both outfits were complimented by a simple make up look and pink matte lipstick. On my birthday, before the party started, I put in a quick weave of synthetic hair to spice up my look.

Look for my New Year´s Eve Celebration

Liang Li Top (something old)

Amisu Skirt (something new)

FitFlop Flip Flops (something new)

MAC Lipstick – Flat Out Fabulous



Look for my Birthday Party

FSBN Sister Top

Amisu Skirt

FitFlop Flip Flops

A Vintage Belt

A Vintage Bracelet

MAC Lipstick – Flat Out Fabulous



XX Fashion Diva

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