Jumping into a new exciting career

Leaving for London

Hello my lovely readers. It has been over three weeks since my last post. Even though I wasn’t planning on staying away for so long, it did happen. But there is a reason for it. Got some exciting news that I want to share with you! So keep on reading..

Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen where I was these last few weeks: England! This wasn’t just some good ol’ vacay, which it might’ve looked like, but I was there for a solid reason. Cabin Crew Ground Training! Weeks of intense classes, practicals, exams and assessments, followed by receiving the long awaited pin: the wing! Yes, I graduated from Flight Attendant School and am now a Flight Attendant. OMG I am a Flight Attendant! Still can’t believe it actually happened and I am so excited. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Enjoying London before the training started:

London Eye pose

It has been a process which I started months ago and kept quiet all these months, because you just never know how things may turn out. Of course I knew I was getting into it with all the faith and strength I have to finish it and become cabin crew, but still this was something I wanted for myself and needed to focus on in private. You gotta realize that with every person that is happy and excited for you there is another who is not and I did not need any negative energy at this point. Becoming a flight attendant is something I, like most girls, have dreamed of for years but the timing was never right. Until it was. For years I’ve been “bumping” into job openings at different airlines, but never gave them a try until I decided last year that I would look into it again. So, last fall I saw a vacancy from this airline that just kept popping up, so I finally decided to give them a try and a week later I got a reply.

It all happened so fast since my application and I passed all the rounds they had in store for me, from online questionnaire until face to face interview with two recruiters. It was a very nerve wrecking day just to sit and wait till you were called for your interview. But the recruiters were nice and the interview went very smoothly. Fast forward five days and an email was sent to me, which I didn’t want to open at first but took a deep breath and did it after ten minutes. The first paragraph my heart was beating very fast until I saw the word: Congratulations! Yeah I got in. This was followed by months of waiting for my course start date and going through background checks. Fast forward it all to the day I left for London for my initial training. It was intense, rough at times but also fun and I got to make some new friends. On our days off we took time to enjoy England a little just to blow off some steam. This past Sunday I graduated from the Flight Attendant Academy and received my certificate, license and wing. It was all worth it!

Ready for the Admin Day:

Administration Day Ini

From now on, when people ask me what I do, I will reply: “I’m a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger/ Stylist/ Designer/ Licensed Dietician and… Licensed Flight Attendant”. Why just settle for one career path if you know you have what it takes to juggle more? Cabin crew!!

So that was my news for today that I had to share with you guys, because in the future I will include some flight attendant posts on the blog as well. Stay tuned!


XX Fashion Diva

2 thoughts on “Jumping into a new exciting career

  1. Dear Induella.
    I am so glad that you have recived your certificate . It was always your dream to become an flight intendant. I am very proud of you. Keep on going maybe one day we will meet on a flight.
    Congratulation once again and your mother and sister who always stand by your site.

    Much love Joyce

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