A closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? Five tips to change that

We all are familiar with that problem, right ladies. You have a great party coming up, a glamorous event or even a first date. There you are standing in front of your closet looking at piles of clothes, going trough your racks and there it is..that big sigh! OML I have nothing to wear. If I had one euro for every time I said that. Can’t even remember. Can you?

The biggest problem is not that we don’t have nothing to wear. It is that we have so much to wear that we don’t even know what to pick. Yet there is another issue underneath. *Note that in this case I am talking about the “shopaholics” like me. The ladies with a trailer load of clothing, shoes and accessories. Because it is true that some ladies do have that problem if they have a small wardrobe. But they also can make it work (more about that in a future post).

If we don’t organize properly and do a closet cleanse, our closet will become a clutter.

Now where was I. Yes, the issue underneath. Because of the fact that we love to shop (I am talking about we in this case, because this goes out to all the ladies who can identify including me), it is logical that in a period of time we have a huge fashion collection. If we don’t organize it properly and do a closet cleanse from time to time, our closet will become a clutter, in my case an organized mess, and we’re gonna have that same conclusion every time around. And guess what we will be doing after that sigh. That’s right. Shopping! More clothes and more clutter. That’s when I decided that it’s enough.

Stop the sighs, stop stressing, and most importantly stop shopping (for a while) and start looking at what you already have. Although shopping is amazing, like I said in this post, you need to know when to shop and when to stop (for a while). The following five tips will help you come a long way:

1. Organize your closet: hang, fold and store away in drawers. Use boxes, special hangers and racks. You can get all types of organizing wardrobe tools at the store. My favourites here in Europe are Ikea, Jysk and Blokker.

2. Organize the clothes, shoes and accessories according to type: doing this will help you spot all the items you have per type, create outfits easier and accessorize.

3. Hang some clothing and accessories as outfits: for instance hang a blouse, leggings or jeans, and a scarf on one hanger. If you already followed the previous step, you know what items you have per type, which will make it easier for you to pick out another blouse that also goes perfectly with that same pair of jeans or leggings. Maybe this time you’ll lose the scarf and go for a chunky chain necklace that compliments the new blouse you picked.

4. Clean out your closet twice a year: once before spring/ summer and before fall/winter. That means letting go of clothing, shoes, and accessories you don’t/ no longer wear or like for several reasons. This will prevent your closet from becoming a cluttered mess, which is the start of the problem in the first place.

5. Have your wardrobe season proof: spring/ summer clothes should be in your closet during these seasons and fall/winter during those. There is no need to have clothing of all four seasons in your face all the time. This will only make it more difficult for you to pick out clothing if you’re already having a hard time creating outfits.


The next time you feel the need to scream out that you have nothing to wear, you might wanna follow these steps first. I’m in the middle of my closet cleanse as I told you before, so please stay tuned for the sequels of this post with my personal tips.


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3 thoughts on “A closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? Five tips to change that

  1. You have a lot of great tips! I started my blog because I’m not buying any clothes for a year, so I have to keep my closet organized. The best part is falling in love with old pieces all over again 🙂 Feel free to stop by sometime!


  2. Thank you very much. Falling in love with old pieces can be great yes. Your blog looks very nice too. I will definitly scroll around and take a look and see what kind of inspiration I can get from it. Stop by more often any time. X


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