Saturday Slow Jam – Valentine special: Love me like you do

Staying in that Fifty Shades of Grey mode on this Valentine weekend, there is only one song that is perfect for this week’s “Saturday Slow Jam”. Since it is a Valentine special, I choose to share the music video and the live performance at the Victoria’s Secrets fashion show 2015. Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam – Valentine special: Love me like you do”

Saturday Slow Jam: The Sweetest Taboo

On a rainy Saturday like this, I felt like going back in time with a slow jam, so I’m taking it back to the 90’s. Back to a time when slow music was its best. With a woman who has a voice as soft and smooth like silk. A joy to listen to. The video goes perfectly with the weather here today. May I also mention that vintage jacket she has on. Need to get me one like that. Love! Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam: The Sweetest Taboo”

Saturday Slow Jam: Nothing really matters

With the cold days in front of us, it’s the perfect time for me to start posting some slow jams on Saturday again. It’s been a year since my last slow jam post, so you can imagine how time flies. The song that I want to share today is also from a year ago, but really became a great hit this year 2015. Everytime I hear this song it gives me such a proud feeling, because I used to chat with this guy years ago when nobody even knew his name. By now he may also not know mine anymore. Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam: Nothing really matters”

Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

The slow jams of November were all about love songs for that special woman. Started the month with one of my favourite artists and ending it with my absolute favourite one when it comes to slow jams. How I remember the times when I used to listen to this song almost everyday. There is no video of this song, but there is no need, because it’s all about … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

Saturday Slow Jam: Put that woman first

Since I started this month with slow jams about love songs dedicated to that special woman, we’re going further down this road. Besides honesty and trust, the most important thing in a relationship for us women is attention. We love it, we need it and we have to feel like we come first, especially after we get that love declaration. Jaheim knows that this is true and tells you all about … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: Put that woman first