Introducing my champion city: Paramaribo

Paramaribo (87)

Here it is my dears. Finally! After sharing a few of my I Love Su outfits, showing you that Paramaribo is a fashion city, telling you about the I Love Su fashion gear and blogging about independence day, I know many of you must have waited for this one. Paramaribo. Yes. PARAMARIBO! In this post I’m going to introduce you to the city I was born and raised in, which I’ve always been so proud to tell you guys about. No matter where I go, I always represent my country Suriname and I am very proud to be from Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. Like I always say, never forget where you come from.

For those of you who love reading travel blogs and posts about big popular cities, I know that this city will be something new and fresh for your eyes. If you love the sunshine and good food, what am I saying, I mean great food (and drinks)!! If you love going out and just walk around the street to get some fresh air while enjoying a great tropical scenery. If you love to just go out and dance to good music. If you love a good cold bottle of real beer.  If you love to visit a city full of culture. If you love a society that is a melting pot of cultures. If you love to live life stress free and hate to be rushed. Anyway, if you just LOVE to have a good time in general, Paramaribo is definitely a city worth for you to visit. The people are very laid back, easy, warm and friendly. Especially to tourists!

Just check out these pictures and tell me that afterwards you don’t feel like packing your bags and go visit a city you’ve never been before to get an experience you’ve never had before. These photos were taking on my trip to Suriname two years ago in January/ February 2014. While producing this post I’m playing some nice Suriname tunes on my laptop :). No matter where I go, I will always love Paramaribo.

So just sit back, get a drink and a snack, and let’s go.. to Paramaribo!!!


Hotel Krasnapolski, the spot to be to celebrate Owru Yari (“old year”, 31 December). Also of course a nice hotel to stay in or just come and have a bite to eat. Every week there are also dance events and more things to do here:

Paramaribo (4)

The Surinamese airline: Suriname Airways (SLM = Surinaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij, meaning Surinamese airline):

Paramaribo (6)

Wooden buildings like these are typical Surinamese architecture from the Colonial period. These buildings are on the UNESCO world heritage list:

Paramaribo (7)

Boats on the shore of the Suriname Rivier (Suriname River):

Paramaribo (8)

Across from and along side the shore you just saw:

Paramaribo (9)

Paramaribo (10)

Paramaribo (11)

Paramaribo (12)

Paramaribo (13)

A few popular Surinamese retail stores:

Paramaribo (14)

Paramaribo (15)

Ministry of Justice & Police (as you can see not in use here):

Paramaribo (18)

The South American Flags:

Paramaribo (21)

Flags of countries that Suriname trades with, on the Onafhankelijkheidslein (Independence Square):

Paramaribo (23)

Statue of the National Anthem of Suriname, the song is written here in Dutch and Surinamese:

Paramaribo (24)

Paramaribo (25)

The I Love Su famous art piece, situated in front of Fort Zeelandia (A former fortress, which is now a museum):

Paramaribo (26)

Statue of the late Henck Arron, a former Prime Minister and the first Vice president of Suriname:

Paramaribo (27)

Paramaribo (28)

Baba & Mai plein, situated across from the Henck Arron statue (Baba and Mai are words we use for a man and woman from Indian (India) origin):

Paramaribo (29)

Paramaribo (32)

The famous Palmentuin (Garden of Palms), where many events are held during the year and otherwise just open as a garden (or park) full of palm trees:

Paramaribo (33)

Paramaribo (34)

Paramaribo (35)

The place to get your I Love Su gear in the city, Dresscode:

Paramaribo (36)

Keep the city clean please:

Paramaribo (38)

Some random photos of downtown Paramaribo:

Paramaribo (39)

Paramaribo (41)

Paramaribo (42)

Paramaribo (45)

Paramaribo (46)

The original phone service provider of Suriname, Telesur:

Paramaribo (49)

Paramaribo (51)

River Side, along the Suriname Rivier (Suriname River):

Paramaribo (67)

Paramaribo (68)

Paramaribo (69)

Paramaribo (71)

Let’s go to Waterkant (Waterside), the ultimate chill spot along the Suriname Rivier where locals and tourists go out for a fresh breeze or get food and drinks at the different little restaurants alongside the river. Starting with SMS Pier (SMS Dock) (SMS = Scheepvaart Maatschappij Suriname, meaning Shipping Company Suriname):

Paramaribo (72)

Paramaribo (73)

Paramaribo (74)

Paramaribo (75)

Paramaribo (76)

Paramaribo (77)

De Centrale Bank van Suriname (CBvS) (Central Bank of Suriname), which takes care of the circulation of the Surinamese currency (SRD = Surinamese Dollar), situated on Waterkant, across from the river:

Paramaribo (78)

Paramaribo (80)

The Jules Wijdenbosch Brug (bridge), a.k.a. Suriname Brug or Bosje Brug like we Surinamese people like to call it, view from Waterkant:

Paramaribo (81)

The Presidential Palace build in typical Colonial style, situated on Onafhankelijkheidsplein (Independence Square):

Paramaribo (82)

The best view ever on Waterkant:

Paramaribo (83)

De Nationale Assemblee – short DNA (National Assembly), situated on Onafhankelijkheidsplein, near Waterkant:

Paramaribo (84)

Paramaribo (92)

Photos of Onafhankelijkheidsplein (Independence Square), where the Independence Day festivities start and many more other events are held:

Paramaribo (85)

Paramaribo (86)

Paramaribo (88)

Statue of the late Johan Adolf Pengel, a former politician and Prime Minister of Suriname. The international airport of Suriname is also named after him:

Paramaribo (94)

Statue of the late Jagernath Lachmon, a former politician of Suriname and one of the founders of the VHP (the first political party for Hindustani people in Suriname):

Paramaribo (96)

Paramaribo (98)

Ministry of Justice and Police:

Paramaribo (101)

Paramaribo (103)

Buildings on the F.H.R. Lim A Postraat, a street with schools for law and social studies, law firms, and other institutions concerning the law:

Paramaribo (105)

Paramaribo (106)

Paramaribo (108)

Paramaribo (109)

Paramaribo (111)

Paramaribo (113)

Paramaribo (114)

A corner at the popular Heerenstraat:

Paramaribo (116)

The St. Petrus en Paulus Kathedraal (Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral), which is the largest wooden building in the world and on the UNESCO world heritage list:

Paramaribo (119)

De Surinaamsche Bank (DSB) (The Surinamese Bank), which is next to (left side) the cathedral:

Paramaribo (120)

More random downtown photos, with the first one taken from the right side of the cathedral:

Paramaribo (121)

Paramaribo (122)

Paramaribo (123)

Paramaribo (125)

Paramaribo (127)

Paramaribo (128)

Paramaribo (129)

Paramaribo (130)

Paramaribo (133)

Paramaribo (134)

Paramaribo (135)

Paramaribo (136)

Paramaribo (148)

The bus station at Heiligenweg, where you can also get a taxi. The transport with these buses is under the care of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism (TCT), which makes the bus fee very cheap:

Paramaribo (151)

Paramaribo (152)


That’s it for the introduction of Paramaribo, downtown. So do u like what you see? Please share and let people know about this fantastic city.


I’m gonna leave you with a song, which has become the ultimate anthem for Paramaribo, champion city like my uncle Kenny B. calls it here:

Kenny B – Paramaribo


(Photos by: me (Induella). Please respect the Copyright, see disclaimer)


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