Boss up: Take charge of your own life

Happy Tuesday babes! Today is another special date this year: it’s 20 10 2020. Or if you’re used to the day and month being reversed than it is 10 20 2020. Either way it is a very cool date, just like the date of my birthday was on 10 10 2020. Look at that, if you reverse the day and month you still get 10 10 2020 on that one, ha! Anyway, to celebrate this date I wanted to launch something new and make it memorable. After thinking about it for the past week, I came up with a new series for the blog: Boss up.

Work your way up to get on the next level.

What does boss up actually mean? Like the title says: take charge of your own life. Step up and do the things you said you wanted to do and use your resources to achieve your goals. It also means that you know your worth and raise your standards. To boss up simply means to work your way up to get on the next level. Be a boss! To be a boss you also have to take responsibility. Remember that you are responsible for yourself, your own actions and the fruition of your dreams. If you want to get on that next level you have to put in the work. So step up, work, speak up and take responsibility. That is the only way. Own it!

Taking charge of your life starts with one important thing: worthiness. You have to know that you are worthy. Don’t put yourself away or think that you are not good enough to be whatever it is that you want to be. You are worthy! You are good enough! You deserve it! Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. To help you get there I will be posting topics in this new Boss up series at least twice a month until I feel I have shared what I wanted to share here on the blog. If you want to know how to step up your game and be the boss of your own life, be sure to stop by weekly and check it out. You can always subscribe to the blog if you don’t want to miss out.

Until the next Boss up.


XX Fashion Diva

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