Highlights of AFWA 2014 fashion shows day 1


Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014 (AFWA 2014) is a fact. This past weekend was all about African and African inspired fashion as the first edition of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam took place at the World Fashion Center (WFC) in Amsterdam. On Saturday August 30 and Sunday August 31 visitors of AFWA were able to enjoy the runway shows with colourful and bold African prints, entertainment and celebrity hosts. The first day was about the Student Show and Catwalk Show where students and emerging designers showcased their work. Day two was a bit more glamorous as it was the day of the Gala Show.

Kicking off the fashion shows of AFWA 2014 on Saturday August 30, was designer Amanda Maandag of Dutch descent with a showcase of her brand Nubian Collection. Very colourful line which she claimed to be inspired by the ‘Capulanas’, the African print fabrics worn by the women in Mozambique, where she now lives in a small coastal town called Vilanculos. After the break it was time for the runway show of the label Lovejadax Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin from South Africa. In between there was a performance by Nabil Nabstar with a short break afterwards. Then it was a back to back runway show of the other three brands starting with Habesha Couture by Rahel Eyob from east Africa, followed by the brand Alisha, founded by 2 cousins Lydie and Hélène from Congo DRC, and the last one to do the honor was Melanie Lamiel from Congo DRC with her brand Monica Creation, who had an amazing show stopper at the end. It was a good thing the last three shows were back to back, as the guests were already complaining about too much and too long breaks in between. While some did find it relaxing and a good way to network through the evening, some were annoyed and just wanted to see the shows. The organisation picked up on that and made a change of plans at the last minute, no breaks between shows. Those guests were pleased since the programme of the day already wasn’t exactly what was communicated before. Room for improvement for the next day.

Some photos of this evening:

The first guests already arrived
The Nubian Collection by Amanda Maandag
Amanda Maandag explains what inspired her for Nubian

Watch the entire fashion show of Nubian Collection by Amanda Maandag here:

A colourful dress of Lovejadex Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin, shown here by my model muse Haddy:

Lovejadax Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin
Lovejadax Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin
Lovejadax Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin
The collection of Lovejadax Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin
Jade Helene Shimmin about her inspiration for Lovejadax Designs

The entire collection of Lovejadex Designs by Jade Helene Shimmin as the models walk down the runway one more time:

Performance in between by Nabil Nabstar
Monica Creation by Melanie Lamiel
Melanie Lamiel and her Monica Creation show stopper

The entire collection of Monica Creation by Monica Creation:

The total gallery of day 1 of the fashion shows and backstage is available on the Facebook page of XX Fashion Diva and the videos can be watched on the XX Fashion Diva YouTube Channel. Highlights of day 2 with a link to the gallery will be in a separate post. Stay tuned.


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