10 10 2020: It´s my Birthday!

Coming to you from my small office space in my bedroom, typing this quick post in my cozy fluffy robe. Hello beautiful babes! Like the title said, it´s my birthday today. What a special date to have my birthday on: 10 10 2020. A unique number for a unique woman like me. 😉 Feeling special!

It’s a Girl! Words my mom and dad said all those years ago when I came into this world. They were so blessed that I had chosen them to be my parents and I was so blessed to have them as my parents. To this day I still am. The best of both of them is within me and I give thanks everyday for that unique combination. Cant’t believe another year has passed and I still get to be part of this amazing world. The good, the bad and the ugly, I am here for it. Wouldn’t want to miss any of it. Not one bit. Thank you Universe! How grateful am I.

Started my new year with a small new year’s eve party and a toast with close family. Ended this NYE party alone dancing on my favourite music and got just enough sleep to get up and continue my big day. After I get dressed, it’s up to the store to get some last minute groceries for my birthday dinner at home, pick up one of the guests and rush back home to do my hair. Today is just a small celebration with family, with lots of good food, drinks, music, and laughter. Just a small group of ladies. Intimate and fun! My kinda party nowadays. The older I get, the less crowded I want my birthday parties at home to be. With the current COVID-19 situation, I have no choice anyway. But I’m gonna celebrate and enjoy my special day. Eat, drink, dance, laugh and have some homemade cake mom made. Yummy!

Just some snaps I took after my NYE party:

This year is going to be a big one, I can tell. Up to the celebration!

Happy Birthday to me!

Stay tuned for my Birthday celebration blog post.


XX Fashion Diva

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