Plog: Preparation and Backstage peek at AFWA 2014

AFWA wall

Just came back from AFWA and got on my laptop ASAP. In this quick plog I would like to give you a sneak peek at the pictures I took during the prep and backstage at Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA 2014) today at the World Fashion Center (WFC) in Amsterdam. You’re going to see my snapshots of the set up, the catering, the fashion designers and the models talking things through, and the designers getting their models ready.

It is a mixture of pictures taken with my phone. Starting with all the volunteers of this day waiting for the first briefing on what to do and to expect. Then I’m taking you backstage where the models are getting their make up and hair done and dressed. Even a photo of my favourite model Haddy to show you that, yes models do eat. The last photo displays the feet and the pretty shoes of the last models who walked the runway this first day. Here we go:


Backstage set up:

20140830_110812 20140830_111203 20140830_111232 20140830_111256

My lovely fellow volunteer hostesses:

20140830_111338 20140830_112439 20140830_112449

The food is here, time to get it out of the elevator:


Giving you a piece of Africa before the show:


Badges, badges, come and get which one is yours:

20140830_132438 20140830_132538 20140830_132635

Setting up the catering for the night:


Peek a boo, I can see you:


The designers, make up artists and hair dressers doing their thing:

20140830_133538 20140830_133559

This is how the crew can enjoy the runway shows backstage:


Fashion model Haddy shows that models do eat:


Designers getting the outfits ready for the models:

20140830_134056 20140830_134100

A little treat for the guests, hand cream from sponsor Erica and AFWA pens:


Runway rehearsal with the runway coach:


Sneak preview of some African fashion in the hallway:


The Caterer for the event:

20140830_151107 20140830_151114 20140830_151318 20140830_151327

AFWA in the newspaper AD:


Preparations for the last three runway shows of the evening, no more breaks in between. Go time:

20140830_194853 20140830_194904

Model Fatima, who I helped to get this outfit on:

20140830_200501 20140830_200504

The showstopper of the night with the designer who is behind it:


Many hands on one model. How to tie a African style headscarf in 15 seconds:

20140830_201155 20140830_201203 20140830_201208

The headscarf is all done:


The last models to walk the runway before the showstopper:


That’s it for the sneak peek post. Be sure to check out the runway show post from this first day which I will share soon. Tomorrow I will be attending day two as press as the fashion and lifestyle editor of The Caribbean Fashion Spot and independent editor for XX Fashion Diva. So I will have my press/ guest hat on and look at the show from a different side. Don’t miss that a cover story. Stay tuned!


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