Positive vibes with the Healing song

Happy Sunday babes! Hopefully you had a nice weekend and are ready to take on the next week ahead of us. If you’ve read my previous post you know that I still have a positive attitude towards this year 2020. Despite all the tragedy of the past months we all have the power within ourselves to turn things around for a good ending of the year.

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Rochelle took it to Paramaribo for latest music video

Rochelle who? If you’re into that dance music scene you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about. You know, that bad ass looking girl who was running the charts with Yellow Claw back in 2013/2014 with that dope single Shotgun. Yeah, it now rings a bell doesn’t it? Thought so. When I heard the name I had to stop and think for a second myself and then I recalled. Continue reading “Rochelle took it to Paramaribo for latest music video”

Uptown, Downtown.. We at the Pep Rally!

It goes left foot, It goes right foot.. So hyper right now you guys! Why?? Just heard a song today that totally made my Saturday. Let’s start at the beginning. As the fashionista I am, watching Fashion TV is one of the things I like to do from time to time just to stay up to date on all the hottest designers and trends out there. This … Continue reading Uptown, Downtown.. We at the Pep Rally!

Saturday Slow Jam – Valentine special: Love me like you do

Staying in that Fifty Shades of Grey mode on this Valentine weekend, there is only one song that is perfect for this week’s “Saturday Slow Jam”. Since it is a Valentine special, I choose to share the music video and the live performance at the Victoria’s Secrets fashion show 2015. Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam – Valentine special: Love me like you do”

Saturday Slow Jam: The Sweetest Taboo

On a rainy Saturday like this, I felt like going back in time with a slow jam, so I’m taking it back to the 90’s. Back to a time when slow music was its best. With a woman who has a voice as soft and smooth like silk. A joy to listen to. The video goes perfectly with the weather here today. May I also mention that vintage jacket she has on. Need to get me one like that. Love! Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam: The Sweetest Taboo”

Saturday Slow Jam: Nothing really matters

With the cold days in front of us, it’s the perfect time for me to start posting some slow jams on Saturday again. It’s been a year since my last slow jam post, so you can imagine how time flies. The song that I want to share today is also from a year ago, but really became a great hit this year 2015. Everytime I hear this song it gives me such a proud feeling, because I used to chat with this guy years ago when nobody even knew his name. By now he may also not know mine anymore. Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam: Nothing really matters”

A Song for Mama on Mother’s Day

Something I thank God for everyday is the fact that I am Lucky to still have my mother with me. Knowing that there are so many people out there who have lost the most important woman in their life, I consider myself blessed. So, for those of you who still have your mom: Do something sweet for your mother today! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms around the world. Married, engaged, unmarried or single. Hopefully this day you will all get that extra appreciation from your children and/or partners. This song is for you: Continue reading “A Song for Mama on Mother’s Day”