My first flight attendant vlog: My last cabin crew days

Today is exactly one year ago that I had my last day of flying as a Flight Attendant (for now). After one year of not flying as an FA, I must say that I am starting to miss it and chances are that I may be flying the friendly skies again one day. But for now, I am enjoying every moment of working on my own dreams and not to forget edit nice vlogs for you guys.

That is why today I would like to have your attention for my first “Flight Attendant Vlog”. In this vlog I am giving you a peak at my last days as a flight attendant back in May 2017. Last year around this time I was saying goodbye to my last flight crew of that life changing year as cabin crew and this year I am on the verge of a new adventure. So exciting! You never know what the future holds.

Enjoy my first Flight Attendant Vlog:


Stick around to see what will be next.


XX Fashion Diva

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