My take on the Kimye Vogue Cover

Kim Kanye April 2014 Vogue cover medium

With all the backlash on the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover happening all over the internet, you would think that Anna Wintour really lost it on this one. I’d say the opposite is true. Kim and Kanye did deserve to be on the Vogue cover, and I expected nothing less than this day to arrive. It is sad that some people decided to cancel their Vogue subscription because of one cover, and now think that Vogue has lowered the high standards. But you can’t please everybody. Now you see that not even Anna Wintour can. Continue reading “My take on the Kimye Vogue Cover”

Kim and Kanye grace April 2014 Vogue Cover

Kim Kanye Vogue April-2014 medium

Ten days ago American Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour revealed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be covered on the April issue of Vogue magazine. She describes them as #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple on the cover. Since I am a fan of Kim’s style, and really like the Kimye couple, I was excited to find this out online last week. As I saw the cover for the first time I was curious to find out what has been reported on this news so far. So I went online to and then got my google on. Continue reading “Kim and Kanye grace April 2014 Vogue Cover”

If it’s in, it’s on the Fabulist..One more night!

The Fabulist

For a few weeks now the commercial has aired on E! Entertainment. If it’s in, it’s on the Fabulist! Premiers Monday March 31 only on E! My curiosity was running wild at first to know what The Fabulist was. Just three days ago my curiosity was a little satisfied when they revealed that it is a trend forecasting television series hosted by Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani. Although I am reading a lot of mixed messages about when the show will air, it seems like it’s already started in some countries (USA). But for those living in the Netherlands at least the show will première on monday March 31st. Continue reading “If it’s in, it’s on the Fabulist..One more night!”

#Selfie music video by The Chainsmokers

#Selfie still

It has been named the word of 2013, and is now even in the Oxford dictionary. Selfie. Two months ago it was posted on YouTube: #Selfie. You might have seen the video already or may have heard of it. It is a music video of The Chainsmokers. Although I’m not really familiar with the Chainsmokers, I do love taking selfies. Every month I have new selfie photoshoots, so that’s why I had to do a post on this one. Continue reading “#Selfie music video by The Chainsmokers”

JLO is back and fashionable as ever

JLO I luh ya papi video 2014

JLO is back and she is looking as fashionable and stylish as ever. With her new music video “I luh ya papi” the 44-year-old actress/singer is looking like a hot 20 something old. Remember the infamous Versace gown she wore at the Grammy Awards in 2000? In this video her stylists channeled the most talked about dress of that year.

Continue reading “JLO is back and fashionable as ever”

Are you a plain Jane?

Do you find it hard to put an outfit together? Do you have a crush on a guy but you are too shy and not confident about your style to do anything about it? Than Plain Jane is the show for you to watch. Hosted by Louise Roe, an English television host, stylist and fashion reporter. She transforms ladies from plain Jane’s into fashionable confident women. A very fun show to watch with great styling tips. Continue reading “Are you a plain Jane?”

Flashback: Fashionable music video’s

Fashion is always a big part of music videos. Over the past years there have been a few video’s of female artists where amazing fashion is exposed. These ladies not only make good music, but they have a great sence of style as well. And with their incredible figure they are sure working  those outfits. Here are some of my favorite fashionable music video’s.

Note: due to playback restrictions some videos must be watched on YouTube. Continue reading “Flashback: Fashionable music video’s”

My renewed love for Primark

In Europe most of us know and love Primark, especially for their low prices. It is the perfect store for fashionistas on a budget. Because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Primark at the beginning (See post “My first experiences with Primark”) I wasn’t very excited to find out that there was finally going to be a store in my city Almere in november 2012. And I most certainly didn’t plan to visit that store in the first week, let along the first day which was 12-12-2012. That would be hell with the massive crowd.

Primark in Almere, Netherlands

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My first experiences with Primark

Primark Oxford St East

My first visit to a Primark store was in june 2011, in the city Hoofddorp, Netherlands. I’ve heard about this store where you can buy great fashion for very low prices. But back then Primark wasn’t in my city yet. The day I visited Primark was actually a day that I had a promotion gig for Lipton Ice Tea in the centre of Hoofddorp. Every once in a while a do these projects for A class brands. So that day after work was done my colleagues decided to go shopping at Primark and, since I’ve never been and was curious about it, I decided to join them. Continue reading “My first experiences with Primark”