My renewed love for Primark

In Europe most of us know and love Primark, especially for their low prices. It is the perfect store for fashionistas on a budget. Because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Primark at the beginning (See post “My first experiences with Primark”) I wasn’t very excited to find out that there was finally going to be a store in my city Almere in november 2012. And I most certainly didn’t plan to visit that store in the first week, let along the first day which was 12-12-2012. That would be hell with the massive crowd.

Primark in Almere, Netherlands

But 10 days later I decided to go have a look with my mom. And there it was again: that feeling I had the first time when I walked in the Primark store in Hoofddorp. The feeling of wow to see the flair of the store. But the crowd wasn’t something to be happy about. I did purchase a blouse for Christmas, which I didn’t fit because of the line at the fitting room. The next week I went again to return the blouse and get my money back – too big – and it was still crowded to the fullest. Not to mention the lines to the cash register. But hey, it was holiday season remember. This time I purchased a dress for new years eve, which I also didn’t fit for the same reason as before, and I ended up returning the dress as well since it was too tight. I also got my money back and I must say I am very pleased about the returning service. As I looked around in the store I noticed that the blouse I’ve returned earlier was now half price and still available in the colors I wanted. Since I really wanted the blouse in both colors I ended up buying them both. So it was a win win situation for Primark and I. Still not happy about the crowded store I didn’t visit Primark very often. It took months for Primark Almere not to be so crowded anymore.

In march 2013 I visited the store in Barcelona during a holiday and after that I really began to look at Primark differently. Here I did made a small purchase of tops, a t-shirt, and sunglasses (uhm, they broke but okay). I guess it was the traumatising experience of Rotterdam and the crowded Almere store, because of the holiday period and the newness, which made me had doubts about Primark. It wasn’t so much the quality because the blouse I got in Rotterdam was still in my closet. After this feeling I went to Primark in Almere a few times again for a skirt for work, cool wedges for everyday, and a jegging also for work. Well the zipper of the skirt broke, the wedges hurt like hell and the dye of the black jegging I’ve bought was all over the bottom of my new blouse, plus the jegging itself kept falling of my bottom all day long. At this point you can imagine my frustration with Primark. Was I the only one who had these issues with Primark stuff? But still as I looked at the store overall, things I’ve read on their website and learned about other people’s experiences, I didn’t want to feel that way about Primark. The fact remains they do have Amazing Fashion for Amazing Prices.

So that being said, I decided to give Primark another chance and see what cool stuff they have this season. My first visit this year was on February 27 and I was stunned. It wasn’t even crowded, I could look around and notice that the quality has actually improved. I took pictures of the amazing shoes they have just to remind me to get some. As I stood there I actually liked Primark. After a few weeks I thought maybe it was just bad luck my dresses ripped, my zipper broke and the dye ruined my blouse, but that can happen to clothes from anywhere. And shoes? Oh well, they always hurt at a certain point. I visited the Primark website again this weekend and read about their Ethical Trading and things they we’re doing for the people in Bangladesh. It made me appreciate them even more. Besides their amazing fashion for amazing prices they have amazing ethical standards, and I understand why the prices are the way they are. It is understandable that not everything can be up to a 100% top quality because we’re not shopping for designer clothes. I am grateful there is a flagship store concept like Primark to cater to the needs of fashionistas on a budget. And I must say the blouse from Rotterdam is still in my closet and I love it (a little ripped but that’s okay), the two blouses I got half price in Almere are still on their hangers, the clothes from Barcelona are still intact (I gave those away), the wedges or still on my shoe rack, the jegging didn’t ruin other blouses although kept falling off my bottom so it’s gone, and I returned the skirt with the broken zipper for my money back. All problems solved.

Some great shoes at Primark Almere for this Spring season:

With this renewed love for Primark I got excited about buying my fashion items there. That made me went out to do a little shopping at Primark Almere this weekend and it felt so good.

In a next pose I will do a little photo haul of the things I’ve purchased.


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