My first experiences with Primark

Primark Oxford St East

My first visit to a Primark store was in june 2011, in the city Hoofddorp, Netherlands. I’ve heard about this store where you can buy great fashion for very low prices. But back then Primark wasn’t in my city yet. The day I visited Primark was actually a day that I had a promotion gig for Lipton Ice Tea in the centre of Hoofddorp. Every once in a while a do these projects for A class brands. So that day after work was done my colleagues decided to go shopping at Primark and, since I’ve never been and was curious about it, I decided to join them.

How amazed I was by the store. Very well-organized, breathtaking with a chique flair to it, great fashion and the prices we’re amazing. Guess that’s why their slogan says Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices! I started to look around to see what they’ve got. And I noticed that you can buy almost anything from fashion to beauty and even hair extensions. Wow! I liked this store already. Too bad it wasn’t in my city. I remember that I got some make up, but I don’t recall buying clothes, shoes or accessories. Mainly because I didn’t have enough money on me since I didn’t plan to go shopping, and I had some groceries to do for dinner that night. As I left I promised myself to visit Primark again one day very soon.

Well my next visit was in Rotterdam about 6 weeks later in July. Oh my gosh! It was so messy and crowded with people acting like they saw clothes and shoes for the first time in their life. Plus I saw clothing hanging on the racks that didn’t show the best quality, with little defects here an there. I’m a perfectionist and when I buy something I want to get my money’s worth. Still I went ahead and bought a few things anyway. I got two dresses for the summertime, a printed sheer blouse (to wear over a bikini) and I guess a lip gloss or something. But I was so traumatised by that visit in Rotterdam that day that I didn’t want to go to Primark any time soon. And I was a little sceptical about the quality given the prices. It didn’t take long for both the dresses to be ripped and for me to decide that I wasn’t a big fan of Primark. I hated the quality.

It took my about 9 months before I finally paid a visit to Primark again, and this time it was at the store in Zaandam, also Netherlands. Still a little traumatised by Rotterdam and my previous experience with the clothes, I went there open-minded to purchase shoes and trousers for work. I also got me some mascara. As I was still a little hesitant about the quality a big purchase wasn’t in the cards for me. But I must say that the store also looked great and as I walked in I had a good feeling about it. It wasn’t as crowded and messy as in Rotterdam. The first time I wore the shoes to work I thought I was gonna die! Oh my gosh. They hurt so bad that I never wanted to get me work shoes from Primark again. But I must say that after this visit I liked Primark better than I did when I left the store in Rotterdam. It is a nice store with good offers, but you must know where to look and what to buy.

Nowadays I have created renewed love for Primark and in the next post I will tell you how.


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