All black everything as first Fall look 2014

Autumn 2014

Fall is here. Time to switch up the wardrobe again as I explained earlier in my Goodbye Summer post. For my first day out this season, I went for a simple one colour outfit. The colour which you can never go wrong with. Black. An all black everything outfit is always chic and flattering for your figure. It may not be the outfit combination for miss Anna Wintour, but many of us fashionistas like to go black on black for time to time.

My outfit consisted out of a pair of black high waist leggings, a dress with nice crochet and faux leather details, which you can’t really see, and a my fave black jacket with lace details. On my feet were my most comfortable black booties, that I have for almost two years now. It is finally time to put back on the booties. Because I wanted to give it some colour I added my favourite accessory to complete the look: the scarf. Doing that I choose my favourite print in a colour that is always a good choice for fall season, brown. Black and brown detail. You simply can’t go wrong with that. Posing right before I left the house and then in front of the H&M store where I did an amazing fashion find, which I wrote about in my first Spotted post. I love fall fashion. Hello Autumn.

First Fall look (4)

First Fall look (5)

First Fall look (6)

First Fall look (7)

First Fall look (8)

First Fall look (9)

My outfit

Leggings (no label)

Dress: Jaune Rouge Paris

Jacket: Redial Luxury

Boots: Graceland

Scarf (no label)


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