What’s in my bag?


In my previous post “Things to carry in your bag” I listed a few things every woman should have in her bag or purse because at some point you’re gonna need these. In this post I would like to show you what I currently have in my bag.

An exclusive sneak peek of my bag:


Now as you can see I have all the items that I’ve listed in my previous post mentioned above. There are some extra’s here that I quickly like to go through. Let’s start on the right side.

Next to my purse is my make up bag for a make up fix at any necessary time. The leopard printed item next to my wallet is a cute little holder (by Jane Norman) for my public transportation card and other VIP member cards of different store. Next to my pack of tissues I have a hairclip and my hairbrush for a quick hair fix. Vaseline for dry lips and skin. A love stone because I do carry love with me everywhere I go <3. Underneath it all you see red underwear. Yes, that is in case I might end up spending the night somewhere other than my own home. Next to the underwear is a plastic bag for groceries or things I need to carry, which don’t fit in my bag. And last but not least a coin for shopping carts for whenever I need to do big grocery shopping at the supermarket.

On the left side you see a green item with a keyboard, that’s my e.dentifier from the bank to do my online banking. Next to this you see my house keys on a keycoard and my car keys below. Besides breath mint, I also have gum and a toothbrush and toothpaste for worst case scenario’s (smelly foods!). The colored thing next to the breath mint is a little notebook with a pen attached so I can always write down stuff whenever I need to.



I love this bag, because I think it’s very stylish, classy and timeless . Small but enough room for all my stuff. Got it at a fancy boutique somewhere in Barcelona during my holiday there last year in March. Although it’s starting to show signs of being overused, I still love it and carry it around most of the time. It’s my current favorite.

This is my bag for now. What’s in yours?


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