Things I am obsessed with

pink eyes-mdEvery woman has her own little obsessions when it comes to fashion. So do I. Over these passed years I’ve realised that I have a few things I am totally crazy about, that I buy them on a regular basis. Here it comes.

1. Shoes: I am an absolute shoe freak! It is my favorite thing to buy and I do it almost every month. I am a sucker for high-heeled sandals mostly, followed by pumps.

2. Scarves: my absolute number 1 fashion accessory. I have a whole collection of scarves, that I even have two special hangers for them. My favorite kind is leopard print, especially in brown or pink colors.

3. Blazers: the perfect clothing item to finish almost every outfit. I wear them on blouses, tops, and dresses. My blazer collection is so big that I have a special rack for them. My favorite color blazer is black.

4. Little Black Dresses: like I already told you I am the Queen of Dresses. My favorite piece of clothing. I especially like little black dresses. Every woman needs at least one gorgeous LBD in their closet. I collect them.

5. Nail Polish: I love painted nails. I seriously can’t go without painting my nails. Whenever I see a cute bottle of nail polish I have to buy it. Favorite colors are pink, purple and red.

6. Earrings: every occasion calls for special earrings. From bling bling to simple studs, I have ’em all. My favorite kinds are anything with a butterfly.

In future posts I will show you all my collections one by one.

What is your obsession?


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