Cleaning out the closet part one


Spring time is almost here. You know what that means to most of us. Spring cleaning! And to me a big part of spring cleaning means: cleaning out the closet. Every year I have a period where I go through my closet and give away clothing, but also shoes and bags that I don’t want anymore for several reasons. It could be because I don’t like them anymore, the colors faded, I’ve outgrown them in the sense of maturing, or it’s just out of style. Not that I care too much about what’s in style, but sometimes you gotta admit when something is just not done anymore.

This time around I’m gonna mostly give away or maybe even sell items that don’t go with my age and the style that I have now. It’s going to be an evaluation of my wardrobe. In the past years I’ve developed my own style, and I’m always looking for ways to keep updating that style throughout the years and have it be age appropriate. As I was looking through my clothes this weekend I’ve noticed that not every item lives up to that. Plus I have a lot of clothes, cause yes I love to shop, so why not make someone else happy with them. Meaning that it is time to evaluate. In doing so I’m gonna get rid of (eliminate) everything that is not according to my present fashion standards and I’m gonna do that before spring 2014 is here. That means that I will also do an update after by adding new fashion items to the closet. Which gives my a good reason to go out shopping for when the sunny days arrive.

So the tip for cleaning out your closet: evaluate, eliminate and update! I will be back soon for the part two and give you a few tips on how to do that.


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