If it’s in, it’s on the Fabulist..One more night!

The Fabulist

For a few weeks now the commercial has aired on E! Entertainment. If it’s in, it’s on the Fabulist! Premiers Monday March 31 only on E! My curiosity was running wild at first to know what The Fabulist was. Just three days ago my curiosity was a little satisfied when they revealed that it is a trend forecasting television series hosted by Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani. Although I am reading a lot of mixed messages about when the show will air, it seems like it’s already started in some countries (USA). But for those living in the Netherlands at least the show will première on monday March 31st. Continue reading “If it’s in, it’s on the Fabulist..One more night!”

#Selfie music video by The Chainsmokers

#Selfie still

It has been named the word of 2013, and is now even in the Oxford dictionary. Selfie. Two months ago it was posted on YouTube: #Selfie. You might have seen the video already or may have heard of it. It is a music video of The Chainsmokers. Although I’m not really familiar with the Chainsmokers, I do love taking selfies. Every month I have new selfie photoshoots, so that’s why I had to do a post on this one. Continue reading “#Selfie music video by The Chainsmokers”