Are you a plain Jane?

Do you find it hard to put an outfit together? Do you have a crush on a guy but you are too shy and not confident about your style to do anything about it? Than Plain Jane is the show for you to watch. Hosted by Louise Roe, an English television host, stylist and fashion reporter. She transforms ladies from plain Jane’s into fashionable confident women. A very fun show to watch with great styling tips.

Louise Roe for sure has a great style and is a fashion inspiration to many.

Louise Roe on Plain Jane
Louise Roe on Plain Jane. Photo from

Would you grab a credit card worth 1000 dollars in a bowl of snales, just to go shopping at Bloomingdale’s? How far would you go for a style transformation? And a first date… See how Kirsten does this on the first episode of the MTV show Plain Jane.

Watch the first Episode here:

Plain Jane – Episode 1 (Full Episode)


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