Things to carry in your bag

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A woman’s bag is private. Something they rather not share with men for several reasons, because it’s just personal. Nowadays every stylish woman carries on a bag along with her. Some go for big bags, some for small purses. If it’s a designer bag or not, it’s always good to have one, because women love carry a lot of stuff around. I am one of them. But what essentials do you need when leaving the house? Here are some things you should carry in your bag.



Wallet: For the obvious reason of cash money or credit card inside, your ID and everything else that goes into a wallet. Even if you’re not planning to spend you never know what might happen. And really that top was a bargain and so cute. How could you not buy it. Yes, we women love to shop, even if we didn’t plan to.

Lip balm: For some reason your lips always get dry during the day. So lip balm is always one to keep in your bag. It could be a stick or a little jar. So many to choose from and so cute.

Lip gloss: Because it gives you that extra gloss or shimmer on your lips after applying the lip balm. A little lip gloss brightens up your entire look and give you that extra umpf.

Tissues: A pack of these always come in handy after a meal, spilling something, when sneezing,  and so on. Since we women are emotional creatures you never know when the waterworks will break out, either on you or your girlfriends.

Eyeliner: After the waterworks you may end up looking a mess. Wipe your tears and fix your eyeliner. Also good to have for during the day when you need a quick make up fix.

Mirror: A portable mirror to check yourself every ones in while during the day and fix your hair and make up if necessary. You van even check out that cutie who’s sitting behind you.

Breath mint: Nobody likes talking to a person with bad breath. Had some onions or garlic in your food, take a breath mint. You never know when the next hottie may come by to talk to you. No smint, no kiss remember.

Hand cream: For soft and smooth hands, especially after washing them. It smells nice too.

Tampons or sanitary towels: No woman likes it but it still comes by every month to visit us: our period. And sometimes it might surprise you when you least expect it. It also wouldn’t hurt you to have an extra for a girlfriend or female co-worker.

Nail file: In case your nails crack or break. We all love smooth shaped nails that makes us look feminine. And believe it or not ladies, men do look at our nails.

Pen: Even though we all have smartphones nowadays, a pen is always useful. Because you never know when you need to write down something!

House keys: When you’re going home you want to get back in. Right?!

Now my bag contains all these things. Next time I’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s in my bag.


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