15 Basics every fashionista needs

Fashionista basics

Every fashionista needs a few basics in her closet for a perfect look. With these basics you can create tons of looks with other clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and your make up. Basics are timeless and always a good investment.

Here are 15 basics every fashionista needs.

1. White blouse

2. Perfect fitted jeans

3. Black Blazer

4. Little Black Dress

5. Black Pumps

6. Red Pumps

7. Comfortable Flats

8. Waterproof Mascara

9. Eyeliner

10. Nude Lip gloss

11. Red Lipstick

12. Red Nail Polish

13. Pink Nail Polish

14. French Manicure Nail Polish

15. Dark Shades

As the Fashionista I am I do have all the above multiple times. It is so good to have them because they basically go with everything. Get it! LOL. Because they are basics. You can make an outfit with your white blouse, perfect fitted jeans, black blazer and red pump, then put on some waterproof mascara, eye liner, red lipstick, paint your nails red, and then put on your cool dark shades 8-). Or take some of these items and mix and match with other prints and bold colors.


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