Cleaning out the closet part two

Last week I talked about cleaning out the closet for Spring season. Well, I have to say that I didn’t get as far as I planned to at the beginning. I did manage to rearrange the extra clothing racks that I have besides my closet, to hang my dresses, blouses and blazers. And my shoe rack.


As I plan to stay home this weekend I have no excuse to not do a big closet cleaning out and like I said before: evaluate, eliminate and update. Starting with my scarves, which I washed all at once just to have them clean again for the spring. You know how it gets when u have a lot of scarfs, you just switch them every day or every other day, and at the end of the week you’ve used at least three different ones. So that’s why I decided to wash them all, already clean or not. Just to have a clean start for the spring. But I was a little lazy to hang them back where they belong.

After the big closet clean out is done I will be glad to take a few pictures and showcase them, and give you a few tips on how to clean out yours. That means I’ll be back with a part three.


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