Black with gold sparkles for Bo Monde

Bo Monde Juni 20141

Good evening everyone. Another night blogging from my couch after catching up on some fashion news and going through a few emails. In my post from yesterday I told you about the party with an elite touch to it, Bo Monde in Amsterdam. Today I like to share the look I was rocking that night. For this event there was a dress code of black, white, and gold. As usual you can imagine that not everybody followed this, but as the good girl I am, I did. It can be a challenge to find an outfit that suits the dress code just fine and I’m always up for a challenge. But in this case I didn’t have to think long and hard because I choose to wear an outfit I already worn before. Ooeh, talking about an outfit repeater.

The outfit I picked out was the same from day one of the CFW 2014 fashion shows in Kingston, Jamaica. Because I liked it so much I wanted to wear it again, but of course I had to switch it up a little so that it wasn’t a complete rewind. This time I wore it with another bag, different earrings and changed the hairdo into a stylish bun. Added a single bright thin gold bangle for just a little bit of gold pop. The dress was an accessory to itself and I wanted to keep the main focus on that. The finishing touch was a red lipstick by one of my favourite French cosmetic and perfume brands: Guerlain. Bon soir Bo Monde, Je suis arrivé!

Bo Monde me (2)

Bo Monde me (3)

Bo Monde me (4)

Bo Monde me (5)

Bo Monde me (6)

The total look shot at the end of the night. Excuse the bad quality, guess my camera was tired too:

Bo Monde me (9)

Bo Monde me (10)

Bo Monde me (11)

My outfit

Bandage dress: Selfish Forever Unique

Blazer : Redial Luxury

Wedges: Le Scarpe

Clutch: Jane Norman

Necklace: Opia

Golden earrings (no label)

Gold bangle (no label)

Lipstick: Guerlain Rouge


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