Dare to go bare

Bare Beauty collage

So many women will not leave their house without putting layers of make up on their face. Now why is that? Does it have to do with their self-esteem or confidence, do they need to please men by looking dolled up all the time? Do they believe they’re not pretty without make up? Or is it just a fun thing to play with make up. To me its is always the last one.

Many of you who are following me for a while have seen that I’m not afraid to show you my face without wearing make up. That’s because I’m comfortable in my own skin and I dare to go bare. When I’m at work I never wear any make up except for some lip gloss, and sporadically I can do some eyeliner with a black pencil. My believe is that showing your true beauty will make people see the real you and starting to see your beauty as well.

That being said I do love to wear my make up for special occasions, do a smokey eye, or bold cat eye. When I do my make up, I like to make my eyes pop. Just because I have dark eyes, doesn’t mean my eyes can’t look gorgeous. If you’re not born with mesmerizing green, light brown or heavenly blue eyes, you can still have a way of making your eyes stand out. And that’s using the right make up. But remember true beauty comes from within. The fact that I know that I am beautiful on the inside and out, I’ll click that camera with or without make up. Ladies, I’m here to inspire you to do the same. Here’s a little selfie photo shoot au naturel I did this past weekend after coming home from a party on Saturday night. No make up, just a nice filter.

After party selfie photo shoot with a natural look:

Bare Beauty 2 Bare Beauty 3 Bare Beauty 4 Bare Beauty 5 Bare Beauty 6

Au naturel isn’t entirely true, because I was wearing something. Can you see it? In a next beauty post I will tell you what it is and I will also reveal my basic make up routine soon.


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