Tips for packing effectively for your summer holiday

Departure (1)

This is a post I wanted to do for a long time, ever since I went to Jamaica last June. Because I had one suitcase and barely enough room in my carry on bag, I wanted to put all the space I had to good use. Past experiences thought me that I never wear all the clothing I take with me on holiday, sometimes not even all the shoes. The reason for this is because I just throw in clothing, shoes, and bags I think I might all wear during my holiday, but in the end I never do. And I know I am not the only one that had to deal with this issue. Continue reading “Tips for packing effectively for your summer holiday”

Monday Inspiration: Be Original

For the inspiration of this week I have a message for you, which I saw on an Instagram bio, that may give you a reality check. This message immediately got my attention and is especially a reminder to people who often think that they got to copy other people, or specifically someone else, to achieve the same things that they have. That is simply not true. Reminder message of … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Be Original

Downtown Kingston is not downtown Manhattan


One of the things I really wanted to do while in Kingston, Jamaica was visiting downtown Kingston. From day one the locals told me that it wasn’t what I may picture in my head. “Downtown Kingston is not like downtown Manhattan where you can walk down the street in your high heels with your designer purse”, is what I was told by the local we were staying at. “It’s rough”. No matter how rough it might be, I am a Caribbean girl also, so how much more rough can it be than downtown Paramaribo, Suriname I thought. Before my time in Kingston was up, I wanted to visit downtown Kingston and see it for myself. So on my last day in Kingston I did. Continue reading “Downtown Kingston is not downtown Manhattan”

Congratulations to FIFA World Champion 2014: Germany

World Champion Germany collage

Es geht nicht weiter! Die Deutsche Mannschaft ist Weltmeister. Those were the words of the reporter on the German Channel ARD after the referee whistled for the ending of the FIFA World Cup 2014 final Germany vs. Argentina in Brasil. Meaning that it doesn’t get any better. The German team is World Champion. What we all knew happened and I for one am happy for the Germans. Germany became the first World Champion from Europe on South American ground. That’s why I agree to also say Hochachtung fur die Deutsche Mannschaft. Deep respect for the German team. That’s right, I’m a football fanatic too. Continue reading “Congratulations to FIFA World Champion 2014: Germany”

Make your own summer snacks and drinks

Get inspired by this young lady who is giving you some awesome ideas on how to make your own summer snacks and drinks. They all look so yummy and cool. Having a summer party, pool party, or garden party coming up? These DIY goodies will do the trick. Fashionistalove22 – Healthy & Refreshing Summer Snacks & Drinks!   I’m gonna try these out myself for … Continue reading Make your own summer snacks and drinks

How I experienced the CFW 2014 fashion shows in Kingston


The Caribbean Fashion Week 2014 in Kingston, Jamaica was the first international Fashion Week I’ve been to and therefore it’s definitely going in my Fashion History Book. It was a pleasure and honor to be there as one of the media to capture this event from the frontline for Dy Muñeca the Caribbean Fashion Spot. Like I told you before in this post about CFW, I was there as a part of the Caribbean Fashion Spot. That’s why I talk about “we” in my Jamaica posts. My biggest role at the Caribbean Fashion Week shows was that of photographer. In this post I will share my experience of being photographer, visitor and fashionista at the same time. Continue reading “How I experienced the CFW 2014 fashion shows in Kingston”

A closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? Five tips to change that

We all are familiar with that problem, right ladies. You have a great party coming up, a glamorous event or even a first date. There you are standing in front of your closet looking at piles of clothes, going trough your racks and there it is..that big sigh! OML I have nothing to wear. If I had one euro for every time I said that. Can’t even remember. Can you? Continue reading “A closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? Five tips to change that”

Coming up on XX Fashion Diva for July


This month is going to be a very busy month for me and here on XX Fashion Diva. In this post I like to give you an update on what to expect for the next 4 weeks of July on the blog. If you are following this blog for a while now, you may know that I was in Jamaica last month to attend the Caribbean Fashion Week 2014 in Kingston. The past few weeks I did a few posts about my stay in Jamaica and the Fashion Week. All the posts about Jamaica so far are available in the category Jamaica 2014. Continue reading “Coming up on XX Fashion Diva for July”

Giveaway: Surprise Goodie Box with my favourite beauty products

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On this 4th of July, I wanted to do my first give away, sponsored by moi. From now on you can join this competition in which you have a chance to win a surprise goodie box with some of my favourite beauty products and…an XX Fashion Diva surprise! This first give away I have 3 surprise goodie boxes to send out. This picture features some of the products you can win, the rest is a surprise. So there is more. What do you have to do to win?? Continue reading “Giveaway: Surprise Goodie Box with my favourite beauty products”