Party Plog: Bo Monde, a party for beautiful people

Bo Monde Juni 2014

In my previous posts you’ve seen me at the Keti Koti Festival in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Reggae Village. In this post we’re staying on the topic of great events in Amsterdam. While you’ve seen me in my Reggae outfit at the reggae festival, I was sporting a more chique look at a party the night before: Bo Monde. This is a party you can attend by invitation only with an elite touch to it, which I came across on Facebook before its second edition. Since I’d missed the chance of being at the second edition due to a rather late request ( I imagine), I wanted to be there for the third edition. This time I got myself invited.

Although the party is invitation only, there was an exception for this edition, as it was possible to buy tickets at the door. This made it possible for me to bring a friend who didn’t mind buying a ticket, because I was too late to add her as my plus one. Guess the organisation did the ticketbox because of the popularity of the event, people have seen the promo vids, the party videos and photos and wanted to be a part. When we arrived we got two invitation cards from two ladies who were tired of waiting in line, which meant that my friend didn’t had to pay for her ticket anymore.

This 3rd edition was held at a new venue called DIDO Events in Amsterdam West. After standing in line for a very long time (what took so long!), we finally got in. Although my invitation and the cards were valid untill 1:00 AM and after the long waiting it was way over, we had no problem getting in. They must have known that this was not our fault. Once we were in I was impressed. DIDO Events is a really nice venue and you could see that the organisation did pay attention to detail and the theme. It was classy and chique with entertainment and good food. There were a lot of beautiful ladies who were dressed to their best, and most men made some effort as well. What I will say though is that I did miss a little exclusivity, as it seemed like not everyone there was upholding the ‘elite’ reputation (think outfit and overall look). But that is my opinion, which I have the right to. All and all I did enjoy the party and made a new friend. Here are some pictures of the night.

The entertainment with burlesque like dancers:




Time to take a few photos in between to show you my outfit. More photos and details will be in a separate post. It was the same I wore on the first day of the fashion shows in Jamaica, but this time I styled it a little different:

Bo Monde me (2)

Somehow I ended up in a promo video and it got me a free shot by the friendly waitress miss A.:

Bo Monde me (7)

Bo Monde me (8)

Miss A. One of the friendly waitresses for the night:

Bo Monde waitress Amber (1)

Bo Monde waitress Amber (4)

Bo Monde waitress Amber (5)

A look at the food corner where the people of Mix & Fix prepared healthy snacks and smoothies:











Ordered me a healthy quinoa burger:



While waiting for my burger:





My quinoa burger is all done and it was oh so yummy yummy and delicious:



Let’s dance some more. Of course there was also a VIP area, but I didn’t take any pictures of that:





The party done:




A little photo shoot after the party:

Bo Monde Juni 20141

Time to go. Bye bye DIDO:


This is what happens when there is popcorn for sale at a party:



That’s all folks.

The next edition will be on 10/10/2014. One thing is for sure, I will miss that one, because 10/10 is my birthday and I’m gonna celebrate it abroad.  If you wanna see more of the events so far, visit Bo Monde on Facebook. Want to experience a Bo Monde party yourself, visit their website for more details.


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