Throwback Thursday: Denim and Gold from day to night


Good evening y’all. And what a good evening it is indeed. Weekend is near and I am so thrilled about that since it’s going to be the weekend of the Africa Fashion Week in Amsterdam (AFWA 2014), which I will attend and am so excited about. Tomorrow I’m going to look for an outfit in the stores. But tonight I want to give you a quick throwback just as I did last week with a Flashback Friday post. Now I’m not planning to do this every week yet, but you’re going to see some flashback/ throwback outfits every now and then. For this Throwback Thursday I choose two looks to show you how you can easily switch up your outfit from daytime to a similar look at night. Here I’m sticking to denim and gold. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Denim and Gold from day to night”