Monday Inspiration: God has something better for you

In the past I used to be so disappointed when I didn’t get the job I wanted, had to hear rejection after rejection. And just other disappointments about things that didn’t workout the way I wanted, careerwise or in my private life. But then one day I realised that everything happens for a reason, and there is always something better that awaits. Because God has a plan … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: God has something better for you

Budget DIY: Make your own statement shorts

Now that we are in the middle summer, the festivals are hitting us one by one and the summer parties and bbq’s are too many to choose from, we often find ourselves wondering what to wear to each of these events. Shorts are Always a good idea, especially if you have the legs to show off when wearing them, If you are one of those girls who needs to save money, but still like to look good in cute new shorts, and you have a few pair of jeans in your closet…than this is the DIY post for you. Watch how a few of YouTube fashion girls are teaching you how to make your own shorts from your jeans,from high waisted to studded.

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