The 14 reasons why 2014 was good for me


While we are already two weeks into the year of 2015, I have to take a minute and be thankful for everything that happened to me in 2014. The year 2014 was a good year for me privately, socially and careerwise. Since a lot of bloggers are posting about the best of 2014, highlights of 2014 or the best outfits of 2014 and so on, I didn’t want to jump on that bandwagon, but still want to give you my version of a review of 2014.

This post is not only a review of 2014, but also a thank you to 2014 and the opportunities I had. All of the amazing occasions and chances I had in 2014, have led me to where I am today in 2015. Because of that specific reason, I want to share them with you.

Here are the 14 reasons why 2014 was good for me:

1. My trip to Suriname


In January 2014 I made a trip to Suriname which I hadn’t planned on, but turned out to be a wonderful trip where I got to see much more of Suriname then on any vacation ever before. Furthermore, I took so many photos, discovered new places to shop, eat, go out and made new friends. More about this trip will be posted online soon.

2. My freelance career decision 

Blogging time

No more working under a fulltime contract for a boss, but being my own boss and doing what I love on a freelance basis. Which gives me time to work on my own business. The best decision I made so far.

3. The start of the XX Fashion Diva blog

Fashion is

Starting this blog allowed me to create my own online platform on which I can showcase my writing and creativity, my style, inspire people, become an online influencer and enter the wonderful world called “The Blogosphere”. It was the right thing for me to do after going freelance.

4. My first time in Jamaica


Visiting Jamaica had been on my list for so long and in 2014 it finally happened. It was the first time I’ve ever been on an island and I had a great time. Read everything about my trip in Jamaica 2014.

5. My first Caribbean Fashion Week

Pose at CFW

Going to Jamaica had everything to do with Caribbean Fashion Week 2014, my first Caribbean Fashion Week experience also and it was a blast with a press pass for Caribbean Fashion Spot. Read more about me at CFW 2014.

6. Being part of the first African Fashion Week Amsterdam

AFWA outfit1

The first African Fashion Week Amsterdam is a fact and I was there to experience this show come to life backstage as a volunteer and be there to capture the catwalk show as press for XX Fashion Diva as well. A great experience where I got to learn much and met so many wonderful fashion people. Learn more about the preparation of AFWA 2014 and take it from there.

7. Building my Fashion Network

blogging position

Starting XX Fashion Diva, traveling, visiting fashion shows and getting busy with social media has helped me a lot to build my fashion network and this is only the beginning. As a fashion & lifestyle blogger, PR Executive and all-round fashionista, it is very important to get out there to meet the right people and build a network. Just like any other business, in the fashion business it is all about the right connections.

8. Turning the big 30

30th Birthday

Saying goodbye to the twenty-something years is really the end of an era, but the start of a whole new chapter in life. Before that big day, I was ready to embrace this new chapter more than I thought I would. Living towards that day, I realized everything I learned so far and shared that in this special post. On my birthday I shared a short birthday post.

9. A warm sunny birthday in Barcelona


After years of celebrating my birthday in the cold weather underneath a grey and cloudy sky in NL, I finally had the chance to switch it up and add some sun to it for once. Going to the beach in October and wearing a dress without leggings underneath was so refreshing. Check out my Instagram for some pictures.

10. My new level of confidence


Turning 30 gave me a whole new set of confidence. Now I am more confident than I already was. It got me on a new level that I will explain to you in a future post. But it feels great!

11. The first fashion show of Caribbean Fashion Spot

Catwalk models 2

The first ever Caribbean Fashion Show with different designers took place in Barcelona thanks to Caribbean Fashion Spot and that is something we are very proud of. Read about it in this special. The success of this first show has already made us working on the next one. Stay tuned for that.

12. My first catwalk experience

Catwalk 4

Together with the first Caribbean fashion show comes my first catwalk experience. As one of the models to show the designs, I walked down that runway like it was something I did before. Telling you, the new set of confidence and the kick off throwing this first show made this catwalk like smooth sailing.

13. My first time in Ibiza

Ibiza 2014

Like I told myself at the beginning of 2014, Ibiza is going to be a place to visit this year and so it was. Having to cancel my original plan to celebrate my 30th birthday in Ibiza, I was more than happy when my sister suggested to move this little vacay to her birthday 4 weeks later. We had a good time on this fashion island that I am going to share with you on the blog very soon.

14. Spending the holidays at home with my family

Holidays at home

This year it was nice to spend Christmas and New Years Eve mostly at home again. Together with my family at our own place and enjoying it, instead of spending most f the day at someone else’s. Preparing homemade dishes and having a good time at the dinner table. The year couldn’t end any better. Home sweet home.

All and all..

In conclusion, 2014 was a wonderful year, where I got to do amazing things, had a lot of first, travel a lot (hence the stewardess look featured image) and meet lovely people and I am beyond grateful. Of course I did so much more and had some more trips, but those are the main reasons the year was good. Hopefully you can also look back to 2014 with a smile and gratitude. Don’t be shy to let me know about it in a comment below or via contact.

Lets us make 2015 bigger and better.


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