Throwback Thursday: Denim and Gold from day to night


Good evening y’all. And what a good evening it is indeed. Weekend is near and I am so thrilled about that since it’s going to be the weekend of the Africa Fashion Week in Amsterdam (AFWA 2014), which I will attend and am so excited about. Tomorrow I’m going to look for an outfit in the stores. But tonight I want to give you a quick throwback just as I did last week with a Flashback Friday post.

Now I’m not planning to do this every week yet, but you’re going to see some flashback/ throwback outfits every now and then. For this Throwback Thursday I choose two looks to show you how you can easily switch up your outfit from daytime to a similar look at night. Here I’m sticking to denim and gold.

The photos we’re taking during my fall holiday in Lloret de Mar, Spain back in 2008. Just a few weeks after my birthday, the one from last weeks flashback post. On this day we went out to the market outside of Lloret ( I forgot the name, if anyone recognizes the background don’t be afraid to comment), so I went for a comfortable look with denim shorts, a simple yellow t-shirt, a golden bomber jacket, and golden flat sandals with strings. The jacket I bought especially for the holiday in Lloret de Mar to keep me a little warm during the windy days and nights in Spain. Specifically chosen because of the color, the thickness and the fact that it is a bomber, which basically never goes out of style. A bomber jacket is a perfect item to combine with shorties like denim shorts and denim skirts, because it gives you that stylish yet bad ass look.

For the night I wanted to channel the same colour schemes, with the bomber jacket on, to go out to the club, my favourite of them all: Londoner. For this purpose I switched it all up to a look that is suited for clubbing and changed the t-shirt for a yellow, warm orange top with gold sequins detail, picked a denim skirt instead of denim shorts and kicked off my flat sandals for golden high heel strappy sandals. Accessorized the outfit with my golden bangles instead of the big yellow one, went for the same hoop earrings because they match with the total look and party look was created. Time to put the bomber jacket on and some dark shades to complete the stylish bad chick look. Then it was up to Disco Londoner to party and dance the night away.

100_2222 100_2224 100_2226 100_2227 100_2256

My outfits

Bomber Jacket: Anna Moda Piu

Denim shorts: Il Dolce

Flat Sandals (no label)

Yellow orange top: the Amazon

Denim skirt: Il Dolce

High heeled strappy sandals (no label)

Bag (no label)

Golden bangles (no label)

Earrings: Bijou Brigitte

Sunglasses (no label)


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