Flashback Friday: Blue dress and a blonde weave


Giving you a few snapshots of the look I had on a birthday six years ago. This photo was taken at a restaurant in one of my favourite places in the Netherlands, that gives me the ultimate holiday/ bday weekend feeling: Scheveningen. This is a place in The Hague with the most wonderful boulevard in all of Holland. We had dinner at Masada Grill and I had my favourite food: pasta!

It took a while for our food to be done, but when it was I enjoyed every bite. The pasta was so good I had to take a moment to enjoy it with my eyes closed. When I told the waiter it was my birthday, he made me a special bday dessert, which scared me a little as you can see on the photo. This guy was so nice, patient, friendly and provided us with excellent service, I tipped him five euro’s. After a long day, where I still had to shop for my earrings, went to the Body Shop to pick up my birthday gift by showing my member card, stranded on the freeway on the way to the hotel in Scheveningen because my car broke down, waited for the ANWB service to pick us up, get ready for the night out, search for a good place to eat, and sat at a restaurant where nobody had the decency to take our order fast enough pfff… we had a good time and meal at Masada Grill. Due to all events dinnertime was 23:45 PM. Funny thing, I had Italian food while wearing Italian weave :).

We spend the night in Scheveningen, went shopping the next morning and sadly had to take the train home (the car was towed away to a garage to get it fixed). What a great flashback! Here are some more photos.




Having a good breakfast at the hotel the morning after my birthday:


My outfit

Halter dress: Fashion Wave

Tights (no label)

Hoop earrings: Bijou Brigitte

Blonde/brown weave: Sleek Crazy 4 Curls – Italian Weave 30 and 33

Make up: none (bare beauty)


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