Dare to go bare: the reveal and the real

Bare Beauty 1

Last week I posted some pictures of me going natural with no make up on in a beauty post. With this post I was trying to inspire ladies to go au naturel and leave their make up in the make up bag for a change. To dare to go bare and be a bare beauty. But, actually no make up wasn’t entirely true. As you can clearly see on this photo above, I was wearing something. Can you guess what it is??

That’s right. Eyebrow pencil. It was as simple pencil from the brand Essence, the own brand of the drugstore Kruidvat in the Netherlands I sometimes like to do my beauty shopping. This photo, which you did not see in my other post, was taken during that same selfie photo shoot after I came home from a party on Saturday night and my make up had already been removed, except for the eyebrow pencil. This was the one:

Bare Beauty Reveal

The real bare beauty selfies are right here and were made five days after the first ones, just before I went to bed. This time believe me when I say: no make up, just a nice filter.

Bare beauty smiley face:

Real Bare Beauty (1)

Bare beauty silly face:

Real Bare Beauty (2)

Bare beauty duck face:

Real Bare Beauty (3)

Bare beauty kissy face:

Real Bare Beauty (4)

Bare beauty frontal face:


Real Bare Beauty (5)

Bare beauty in your face:

Real Bare Beauty (6)

Bare beauty side face:

Real Bare Beauty (7)

Funny thing is that it seems like I was wearing eyeliner in the first picture (the feature one), but the truth is I wasn’t. My eyelashes are really dark and when almost squeezed together it looks like I’m wearing a dark eyeliner, as you can see that phenomenon in the two last photos.

Ladies, it’s your turn to go bare. Dare to go really bare! I dare you!


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