Plog: The Marc Jacobs Tweet shop in Amsterdam

MJDaisyChainAMS (12)

Good evening everyone this time from my lovely bed. Last week I told you that the Marc Jacobs Tweet shop would be at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam for the promotion of the new women fragrance Daisy Dream. This was a four day promo from Thu. Aug 14 – Sun. Aug 17 where you had to tweet about the promo using the hashtag #MJDaisyChainAMS and would get a free Marc Jacobs sample, or item if you used a photo in your tweet. On Friday August 15 I visited the Tweet shop to check out this promo and get some goodies myself.

When I walked up to de Bijenkorf I was surprised to see that it was an actual shop. The way it was subscribed I imagined it would be in a special corner inside de Bijenkorf itself, but somehow the window on the corner was transformed into separate mini shop. Amazing! When I stepped in, one of the hostesses walked up to me and offered to take my picture on the ‘Daisy photo set’. On my way to the shop I already posted my first tweet, and it was funny to see that it was up on the screens that were set up behind the counter to show the latest tweets on Twitter with the #MJDaisyChainAMS the minute I walked in. “Is that you?”, one hostess asked me. “Yes that’s me, oh how nice” I said. After the hostess took my photos, I took a few of the shop and of course some selfies on set with the Items. Here are the photos.

The photos the hostess took of me:

MJDaisyChainAMS (1)MJDaisyChainAMS (2)MJDaisyChainAMS (3)MJDaisyChainAMS (6)MJDaisyChainAMS (7)

Some photos of the Marc Jacobs shop. Check out my first tweet on the screens:

MJDaisyChainAMS (8) MJDaisyChainAMS (9) MJDaisyChainAMS (10) MJDaisyChainAMS (11) MJDaisyChainAMS (12) MJDaisyChainAMS (13) MJDaisyChainAMS (14) MJDaisyChainAMS (15) MJDaisyChainAMS (16) MJDaisyChainAMS (17) MJDaisyChainAMS (18) MJDaisyChainAMS (19)

Time for a selfie with Marc Jacobs sunglasses and a Marc Jacobs handbag:

MJDaisyChainAMS (20)

All Marc Jacobs everything. One visitor was nice to also take a snapshot of me to post on Twitter:

MJDaisyChainAMS (21)

Coupons for a discount if you were to buy the Daisy Dream in de Bijenkorf during the promo:

MJDaisyChainAMS (22)

Time for a footie starring the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream and a pair of Marc Jacobs sunnies:

MJDaisyChainAMS (23)

All the Daisy fragrances together, with a real daisy flower. Cute right:

MJDaisyChainAMS (24)

The little gold wristlet bag caught my eye as soon as I looked around in the shop, I really liked it (and guess what was inside my goodie bag):

MJDaisyChainAMS (25)

A selfie with my goodie bag and my own promo shirt for that day:

MJDaisyChainAMS (26) MJDaisyChainAMS (27)

A few last shots taken by another hostess after I got my goodie bag filled with samples and items as my reward for all the tweets I posted on Twitter:

MJDaisyChainAMS (28) MJDaisyChainAMS (29)

Lovely daisy flowers, of which I was lucky to take a few home with me:

MJDaisyChainAMS (30)

Flowers next to the front door:

MJDaisyChainAMS (31)

The shop from the outside: Already closing time:

MJDaisyChainAMS (32)

Every hour there would be a winner of a Marc Jacobs fashion item. This is the winning photo of the last hour for that day with two sisters making a Daisy toast:

Winning photo

This is what the younger sister got:

MJDaisyChainAMS (33)

This is what the older sister won:

MJDaisyChainAMS (34)

My goodie bag as the price for all my tweets. Lucky me got two samples of the Daisy Dream fragrance. The first one was for my first tweet you saw up on the screen. Look at my wristlet. Love!:

MJDaisyChainAMS (35)

It would’ve been nice to have won the silver Marc Jacobs bag, but I will always have the photo wearing it (see the ones above). The winner was so happy with her bag and she couldn’t believe it. “I have never won anything”, she said. Aaah, hearing that made me very happy for her. She came all the way from the south of Holland for a shopping day with her family in Amsterdam and she walked away with a designer bag. It wasn’t a trip for nothing. Enjoy your bag, young lady.

Last Saturday I already used the Daisy Dream sample going to a party, really love the smell. A special thank you to Marc Jacobs.

If you want to see all the tweets I posted, click on the Twitter icon here on the blog.


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