The Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop is coming to Amsterdam

Good news for Daisy fans! The Marc Jacobs Tweet shop is coming to de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam for the promotion of the new women fragrance Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, as I read on the website of de Bijenkorf. In this shop you don’t pay for the items in euro’s but with tweets. With tweets? Yes, with tweets. All you have to do is send at least one tweet with the hashtag #MJDaisyChainAMS while in the shop.

The shop will be placed at the corner window on the side of the Dam with a Daisy photoboot, product displays with Marc Jacobs fragrances, Marc Jacobs fashion items and Marc Jacobs accessories, which you can all use for your tweets. You will receive a Marc Jacobs sample for each tweet, and for each tweet with a photo you will receive a Marc Jacobs item. The best tweet of the hour even has a change to receive a Marc Jacobs fashion item, like a Marc Jacobs handbag. How great is this!!! It wouldn’t hurt to be creative with your tweets and tweet with as many pics as you can, because there is a designer handbag at stake.

Watch the promotional video for de Bijenkorf:

This news got me beyond excited since Daisy is my favorite fragrance of Marc Jacobs ever! From the first moment I sniffed this perfume I was sold. And now here is my change to even get a bottle for free, by posting a tweet! Are you kidding me?!

From 14 Aug – 17 Aug you can visit de Bijenkorf on Dam 1 in the city of Amsterdam for this Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop. Ladies, whatever you’re doing make sure you clear your schedule to be part of this epic promotion. Cause I will.

There will also be a Marc Jacobs Tweet shop in London, UK in Covent Garden. This shop will be open from the 15th – 17th of August. More on this you can read here and here.

Watch the promotional video for Covent Garden:


Hope to see some of you in Amsterdam!


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