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In January this year, due to family circumstances, I went to Suriname. After one emotional week it was also time to enjoy the country and the big city: Paramaribo. As always I look for inspiration wherever I go. Last summer I was there also and I came back very inspired. This year I went out again to see what Paramaribo has to offer when it comes to fashion. If you think that Paramaribo is not a fashion city think again! Surinamese people love fashion and always try their best to look their best, and dress up to the fullest when they go out. In his post I like to share Paramaribo from a fashion point of view.

Paramaribo is full of places to shop. In the city centre there are different fashion stores, boutiques and especially a lot of Chinese fashion stores. Outside of the city centre of Paramaribo there are two famous malls: Hermitage Mall and Maretraite Mall. These malls also sell European and American fashion and accept euro’s and dollars. So as a tourist this can be convenient (note that the exchange rate is a little lower in the store, but that is only logical).

Walking in Paramaribo City I took some pictures of some of the best known fashion stores in the city centre, which are a must visit when you are there. When I shop at these stores I always succeed.

Dresscode, for men, women and children fashion and the official dealer of the I Love Su clothing line:


Dojo Couture, for men and women:


Double Luck, Sofia and Fashion city, all Chinese fashion stores:

IMG-20140122-00816 IMG-20140122-00817

Kirpalani (Kirpa) is Suriname’s biggest department store where also great fashion can be found:

Paramaribo 15IMG-20140122-00818

Nice To You, my favorite Chinese fashion store where I always succeed:


For all kinds of affordable shoes you visit Steps:

IMG-20140122-00819IMG-20140122-00823 IMG-20140122-00824 IMG-20140205-02146

Sweets for my feet: Footcandy by AllStar. Another store with great shoes for shoe freaks:

IMG-20140205-02200IMG-20140205-02135 IMG-20140205-02136 IMG-20140205-02137 IMG-20140205-02139 IMG-20140205-02140 IMG-20140205-02141 IMG-20140205-02143 IMG-20140205-02144 IMG-20140205-02145

All Star itself:


Moussi Issa and Keizer Mall on Keizerstraat:


From Spain to Suriname (Barcelona to Paramaribo) there is also Shana. Typical European fashion for women. This Shana store is in the city centre but there is also one in Hermitage Mall and one in Maretraite Mall:

IMG-20140122-00835Chillspot Krasje2 View1

As Suriname is in South America, meaning a country of Natives, there is also typically Native American clothing from the Surinamese Indians. This is for sale on the Craft Market on Saramaccastraat:


And of course the African/Rasta influence, again on the Craft Market:


One Love, a fashion store for fashionable yet casual dressed men (sorry for the truck that came right in front of my shot as I took it). This store is across the street (on the right side) of the Craft Market:


I hope you got a little impression of fashion and the fashion stores in Paramaribo, Suriname. The next time I visit I will make sure to take more pictures of other stores, also at the famous malls and more in the stores. They do act difficult sometimes when taking pictures, saying it is not allowed. But I bet your bottom dollar that when they know why I am taking them, they will be glad.

Make sure to check out my next posts about the I love Su clothing line, and fashion from China.


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