It’s April 25: All you need is a light jacket

Every year I look at the weather on April 25th to see what it’s like, what it feels like and if it stays the same during the day. Why? Because of something the character Cheryl Frasier, played by Heather Burns, said in Miss Congeniality when during the Miss United States pageant she was asked to describe her favorite date. “April 25th. Because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. All you need is a light jacket”, was her answer. True that, because every year on april 25th the weather is like that. Really all you need is a light jacket.

So today I went out with my light jacket, and it was not too hot and not too cold. I wonder what the weather was where you are. Did you need a light jacket, or maybe more or less than that. Next year I’ll be on weather watch again. Check out my light jacket for today:


A navy blue jacket by Vero Moda from spring last year. One of my favorite jackets still. It goes perfect with almost any outfit. Today I wore it with a long colourful H&M dress. See the last picture for my total outfit on April 25.





Necklace by Opia from Primark and I love Su flat sandals from a fashion store in Suriname.


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