Army look for Jamrock Festival

Last year summer the first edition of Jamrock Festival was held in Zaandam and as a diehard dancehall, reggae and soca music fan, I had to visit this long needed festival in The Netherlands. When it came to choosing the outfit for this event, immediately I opted for an army look. A look I still wanted to share on the blog, since I never got around to it.

Two days before the event, there I was in Amsterdam shopping for my Jamrock ootd, knowing exactly what kind of army look I wanted. With that jacket centerpiece in mind, I stepped into a boutique, looked around, yet didn’t see anything special at first. But hen it was like something told me to turn around and look at the clothing rack behind me. There they were. Army jackets, just like I pictured in my mind.

Didn’t take long for me to decide which one I wanted, so I snatched that puppy off the rack and went to the register. Because I am not one to walk around with an outfit similar to someone else’s, I also got myself some embellishments to pimp up my jacket. Afterwards I went on a hunt for other pieces to style around my jacket. My outfit ended up to be a one of a kind look, just like I anticipated. Bad gyal with a touch of girly. Like my personality. That ootd got me some nice compliments and for sure made people turn heads that evening. The result of my army look you can check out right below. Army feat. pink. What do you think?

My outfit

Old Dutch Army Jacket – pimped by me

Levi’s Cap

Unknown Top & Skirt

Guess Crossbody Bag

Unknown Pilot Glasses



XX Fashion Diva

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