Ten things you want your style to say about you


When dressing yourself you want to send out a certain message to the rest of the world. Whether if it is intentional or not, your style does say something about you, and this can be either positive or negative. Most people do dress with a certain intent and already have their signature style, while others may have a signature style to the rest of the world, but they actually are not sending out the message they really want to send. Like it or not, you will be judged by the way you dress. Even if you think that people should know you first before they judge you, they can’t see your personality first. That’s why I have summed up ten things you want your style to say about you when people see you, and how you can do that. Continue reading “Ten things you want your style to say about you”

Monday Inspiration: Have a belief for yourself

In extension to last week’s message of the week for the Monday Inspiration series, I have found an inspiring video of Oprah Winfrey on YouTube with a very powerful core message for all of us: have a dream and belief for yourself. This is a longer video than you would expect for this series, so grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax, watch and learn. Video of the … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Have a belief for yourself

Seven quick tips to a healthier diet

Healthy diet collage

Fashionista’s like to look good, that’s a fact. Most of us want to be a certain size while we’re at it, because we want to be able to fit in the latest trends and show off our toned bodies and curves as much as we can, in a tasteful way that is. As a nutritionist and a fashionista/ stylist I have the knowledge to apply both healthy eating and styling to my own life. My main mission on XX Fashion Diva is to share that knowledge of fashion and style with you, but every now and then give you some tips and ideas on food and diet (that’s why I created this category). Because food (nutrition) is the basic of everything in life. In order to look good you have to feel good. And in order to feel good you have to eat well and nurture your body. Continue reading “Seven quick tips to a healthier diet”

Mediterranean couscous salad

Originally posted on Chef in disguise:
  Yesterday I shared my recipe for making Palestinian couscous (Maftoul) from scratch and promised you the recipe for this Mediterranean salad, so here goes 🙂 You can make this salad using regular couscous but making it with maftoul makes the texture of the salad much more interesting and the nutty taste added by the whole wheat flour in the… Continue reading Mediterranean couscous salad

Plog Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 Blueprint pt. 1


The Amsterdam Denim Days 204 are a fact. Of course I had to be there to witness this event that was held for the first time in the Netherlands. On Saturday May 10 I visited the second day of Blueprint at Westergasfabriek, the event for the public, with my mom. Like always I took lots of pictures. In this post I’ll show you part 1 .  Continue reading “Plog Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 Blueprint pt. 1”

Flashback Friday: Welcome to Jamrock 2011

Sometimes it’s nice to dress the theme of the party where you’re going. As a Surinamese girl I love listening to dancehall & reggae and I visit the nr 1 party in that category in the Netherlands: Jamrock. In 2011 there was a ladies theme so I decided to dress up for this event and paint my nails with the Jamaican Flag. Welcome to Jamrock! … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Welcome to Jamrock 2011

Monday Inspiration: Never stop looking

A very beautiful quote that might take some time to understand, but for the dreamers and go-getters among us it is pretty obvious. I got this quote from the movie The Magic of Belle Isle from the character Monte Wildhorn played by Morgan Freeman. Quote of the week: Never stop looking for what’s not there.   Have a wonderful week!   Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Never stop looking