Denim and soft colours for Knokke, Belgium

Knokke outfit

Two weeks ago I went on a one day road trip to Knokke with a friend. As the summer was almost coming to an end and I haven’t been abroad since Jamaica, I was feeling spontaneous. So I called up my friend early in the morning to see if she would share my spontaneity and she did. There we were on our way with drinks and snacks for our almost 3 hour road trip with background music and an open rooftop. Halfway we made a pit stop and I had a cheat eat at McDonald’s of which I shared a photo on Instagram. We made it to Knokke around a few minutes past five in the afternoon.

Knokke is a luxury resort on the Belgian coast known for its beautiful beaches and big boulevard. Arriving in Knokke will immediately give you a holiday feeling. The first time I visited Knokke was also a day trip with a friend two years ago in the summer time and I always wanted to go back ever since. As we arrived late in the afternoon there wasn’t enough time to see all of Knokke and visit the stores, so we just walked around in Lippenslaan, had a quick look on the boulevard and took lots of photos in the meantime. Lippenslaan is the street to be in Knokke with upscale restaurants, traiteurs and shops. Unfortunately there was no shopping that day.

My look of the day was all about soft colours. Because I know that Knokke is a fancy place, I wanted to put together a fancy look and soft colours are the right way to go. When on a road trip you want to be comfortable, so I choose my most comfortable light stretchy denim jeans and built the rest of my outfit around it. A white blouse, salmon coloured blazer and my new favourite scarf I got in Lier, Belgium earlier that summer. To finish the outfit I choose one statement necklace and throw on a few bangles. Still summer time I choose my comfy white flat sandals with beautiful Native Indian embellishments on it, which matches well with the scarf. For this outfit I decided to go for my JN clutch that has a chic flair to it. This all resulted in a soft, fresh and fancy look that was perfect to walk around in Lippenslaan, Knokke. First up: details up close and chilling outside of the McDonald’s restaurant during the pit stop.

Knokke Look (1)

Knokke Look (2)

Knokke Look (3)

Knokke Look (4)

Knokke Look (6)

Knokke Look (16)

Knokke Look (20)

Knokke Look (21)

Knokke Look (23)

Knokke Look (26)

Knokke Look (29)

Knokke Look (31)

Knokke Look (33)

Knokke Look (34)

Knokke Look (35)

Knokke Look (36)

Knokke Look (38)

Knokke Look (39)

Knokke Look (40)

Knokke Look (41)

My outfit

Jeans: Daysie Denim

Blouse: River Island

Blazer: Steps

Scarf: Veritas

Flat Sandals (no label)

Clutch: Jane Norman

Necklace (no label)

Earrings (handmade gift)

Bangles (no label)

Silver Ring: Ti Sento Milano

Sunglasses: Toxic


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