My first day in Kingston, Jamaica


In my previous post I told you about how we tried to visit the beach on the first day, but that didn’t went as we thought it would. Well the day wasn’t a total loss. Although we were at the Half Way Tree bus terminal for almost 1,5 hours walking, searching, asking for directions and waiting for the bus without any luck, we did do something while already outside. We walked a little around Half Way Tree, visited the Pavilion Mall and then ended up at Sovereign Centre in Liguanea.

The Pavilion Mall is not the first mall you want to visit if you think of shopping for clothes and shoes, so I didn’t bother to go from store to store. But I did enter one fashion boutique because of the dresses in the window, and many of you know by now how much I love dresses. Just put dresses in the window and I’m entering the store for sure. So that’s the reason I went in that store. Lots of sexy dresses, bandage dresses, colorful high heels and colorful bags. When I was in the store I heard an interview on the radio with a woman of the Caribbean Fashion Week organisation, talking about what to expect from CFW 2014, the designers, the entertainment and the ticket prices. Immediately I was like hey, that’s what I’m here for and told the saleslady as I was closely listening to the speaker: “I will be attending this”, and she smiled at me. After a few looks at the merchandise in the store I left, and we left the mall as well.

A taxi driver can charge you more money if he hears your accent.

Because we wanted to visit Sovereign Centre in Liguanea, I asked two older women, that seemed nice to me, where we could get a taxi to take us there and what that would cost us. They gave us the information but told us that with our accents the taxi driver would probably charge us more money then they charge the locals. Because we don’t have the Jamaican accent it’s easy to assume we are tourists, so therefore we would be charged more money. Of course I didn’t think that was fair and asked about the bus. Kind as they were they walked with us to the terminal and gave us information about the busses that can take us to Sovereign Centre. While we were walking they also warned us not to ask just anybody for directions, because that way they would know we are not from around. A good tip, as we didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention of course. When we arrived at the bus terminal they showed us which platform to catch the bus and we were very grateful. After waiting for 30 minutes the bus finally arrived and took us to Liguane.

Food in Jamaica can be quite expensive.

Once arrived at Sovereign Centre, we walked around to see what kind of stores they have. Sovereign mall is not very big, but it is a really nice mall with fashion stores, electronic stores, a health food store, a souvenir store, a big supermarket, a cinema, and a food court. After taking a look around, we did some groceries at the supermarket, where we learned that food in Jamaica can be quite expensive, and ended the day at the food court. The thing about any food court is that you always take a look at the different restaurants, their menu’s and the offers. Finally we choose to have our dinner at Little Tokyo, which was a very good choice. We had tofu, chicken and fried rice and split the dinner. The tofu was for me. It was so good we ordered dinner there again the next day.

The lovely dinner we had at Little Tokyo:

20140611_20281420140611_19280520140611_192844 20140611_192859

Along with this meal I had a Bigga soft drink, pineapple flavour. A real Jamaican soft drink made in Jamaica:


For more pictures on the first day, see my earlier post with first impressions of Kingston.

Visiting the Sovereign Centre made us realise that food in Jamaica can be a little expensive. Therefore the idea was born to do an article for when you’re on a budget. Stay tuned for that one.


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