Throwback Thursday: A closer look at Vogue USA

Vogue is known as the fashion bible for all the fashionistas in the world. The most wanted and talked about one is the Vogue USA of which miss Anna Wintour is in charge. In 1988 Anna took over the role of editor in chief at Vogue in the USA after having that role for the UK version of the magazine. Anna has since then took Vogue to a whole ‘nother level and never regretted the choices she has made.

In response to the question if being on the cover of Vogue can change a model’s career, Anna responds in an interview:

Well, obviously it certainly will make everybody take notice of you in a way that they haven’t before.

Thanks to Anna the cover of Vogue is not only graced with super models anymore, but celebrities, tv personalities and even the current first lady Michelle Obama got a chance for the big feature. Not without the necessary criticism and prejudice of vokes saying that some of these people are not Vogue. The most recent discussion we all have witnessed when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West graced the cover for the April issue of this year. In a special post that I dedicated to these comments you can read my take on the whole Kimye frenzy. While some people may not agree with me, I like to think that Anna Wintour know what she’s doing. Just like se says:

To be in Vogue has to mean something.

Lets have a look at Vogue magazine with Anna Wintour on the wheel:

Maybe a little late, but tomorrow I will get my September Issue for this year. Fall Fashion! 🙂


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