Putting some Reggae in to it

AMS Reggae Festival (2)

The weekend before the Keti Koti Festival I went to another festival in Amsterdam where it was all about good reggae music. The first edition of the Amsterdam Reggae Village, an indoor festival in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam Southeast. A friend of mine actually invited me on Facebook to join this event. Still in Jamaica mode after my trip, I was very thrilled to read about it, and visited the website immediately. As a reggae lover I couldn’t miss the first edition of this reggae festival and of course said yes to the invitation. 

Like every other time I went to a reggae festival, I also wanted to dress for the occasion this time. My outfit needed to have some reggae in it, and be fashionable at the same time. Now what could I wear that I hadn’t already worn to a reggae show before? With this question in mind I started to look around in my closet, and since I finally had that closet cleanse two weeks before, It didn’t take long for me to decide what I was going to wear. The question was rather, how was I going to wear it?

My first pick was my Bob Marley, Rasta theme pareo, which I almost forgot about before doing my closet clean out. Perfect! The first idea was wearing it as a pencil skirt, then a dress, which was going to be my choice for that day. But on the day itself the dress idea didn’t work quite as I pictured in my head. One thing was for sure, I was going to wear this pareo! Even more now that I visited the Bob Marley Museum back in Jamaica. That’s when the idea for a skirt came back. With this idea I needed to have a top that matched perfectly with the pareo skirt. First I thought to wear it with an I Love Su top, but then I decided it had to be a top with Jamaica on it. What better top to pick than the one with the Jamaican flag in the shape of a heart, now that I can honestly say that I heart Jamaica.

Since I didn’t let go of the dress idea entirely, I figured out a way to make my outfit look a little bit like a dress by selecting a wide belt to add to it. This was just an idea in my mind, and now it was time to put it to the test. So I put on my Jamaica top, I fold the Bob Marley pareo diagonally and tied it around my waist, added the belt, and tadaa…my reggae dress was done. Styled the outfit with some reggae and Jamaican accessories, included the necklace and bracelet I got in Jamaica, and put on my reggae flat sandals. There you go! What do you think?

AMS Reggae Festival (4)

AMS Reggae Festival (5)

It’s always fun to dress according to the theme of an event. Hopefully some of you will be inspired by my outfit.

Read all about my trip to Jamaica in the special Jamaica category. If you want to know more about the first edition of the Amsterdam Reggae Village, you can visit this page.

My outfit

Jamaica top (from a souvenir shop in Lloret de Mar, Spain)

Bob Marley pareo (from Reggae Sundance Festival in the Netherlands)

Belt (no label)

Reggae flat sandals (from Reggae Festival Summerjam in Germany)

Bag: Sweet

Jamaica bracelet and necklace (from a wholesaler in Kingston, Jamaica)

Reggae Necklace (market)

Earrings: Bijou Brigitte

Lipstick: Nouba


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