I Love SU fashion line at Dresscode in Paramaribo


The I love.. shirts are a fashion phenomenon and nowadays has become an integral part of casual street wear around the world. Most of you know the many I <3.. shirts of different cities like A’DAM, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Roma, Barcelona, Stockholm, NY, LA, Miami, Montreal, Tokyo and so on. In Suriname, where I’m from, there is the I Love SU fashion line and merchandise. While I’m not here to explain to you the history and demographics of Suriname, I can tell you that the population is not even close to one million citizens. Most people live in the capital city Paramaribo, and when there is talk about life in Suriname or going to Suriname it usually is about Paramaribo, but in general people speak of Su (short for Suriname). It is not like, for example, the United States or Spain (because of the big cities), that there is a I Love.. clothing line for almost every city. No, in small populated Suriname, like I said, they speak of Su. That is basically the history behind the choice of the name I Love SU.


When visiting Suriname as a tourist, a I Love SU shirt is the ultimate souvenir to get yourself. Surinamese people love their country so much that they walk around with these shirts all the time: on the streets, in the clubs, at work. Meanwhile there is a number of people who say that they already live in the country and don’t need to walk around in these shirts (or shorts, pants etc.).

Since I am one of the tourists, I always buy some shirts when I’m there. I love the fabric, the quality and the designs. They not only have the standard I Love SU t-shirts and tank tops, but they also have shirts with other text and beautiful artwork on them, and different shirt designs. On my last visit in January I went to Dresscode, the official dealer of the I Love SU fashion line and merchandise in Paramaribo, and asked for permission to take some pictures in the store to showcase on my blog. In this post I like to share them with you.

Presenting the I Love SU fashion line at Dresscode:

IMG-20140205-02150 IMG-20140205-02155

The basic tank top:


Green, white and red represents the flag of Suriname. Officially the flag has a yellow star in the middle:


The Native Americans of Suriname/ Surinamese Indians are well represented on the clothes:

IMG-20140205-02158 IMG-20140205-02159

So is the coat of arms:

IMG-20140205-02160 IMG-20140205-02161 IMG-20140205-02162 IMG-20140205-02163 IMG-20140205-02164

The Presidential palace printed on a t-shirt:

IMG-20140205-02165 IMG-20140205-02166 IMG-20140205-02167 IMG-20140205-02168 IMG-20140205-02169 IMG-20140205-02170 IMG-20140205-02171 IMG-20140205-02172 IMG-20140205-02173 IMG-20140205-02174

Adding some rock and roll in the mix with the colors of the flag:


There are hoodies also:

IMG-20140205-02176 IMG-20140205-02177

A look at the sneakers and flip-flops:


And now for the bags and accessories:

IMG-20140205-02183 IMG-20140205-02184 IMG-20140205-02185

Some merchandise stuff:

IMG-20140205-02186 IMG-20140205-02187

A look at the I Love SU line from the side on the second floor of Dresscode:


Caps for everyone, even kids:

IMG-20140205-02190 IMG-20140205-02191

That’s it for the I Love SU fashion line pictures. Dresscode also sells other fashion in the store, maybe I’ll share some pictures I took of those items some other time. I have a small collection of I Love SU clothing and merchandise myself and will share that with you soon.

I hope you got a good impression of the line, and remember: if you’re visiting Suriname, visit Dresscode and get your I Love SU fashion gear.


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